Getting to Know… Kowen!

Kowen (aka Kirsty) tries to hide more behind the camera than in front! So we thought, it was about time we changed that. We put Kowen in the hot seat to ask her all the questions.. So let’s find out all the important stuff!

10 Top Tips for Drinking More Water

Now the weather is cooling down, I know for a fact that I’m not drinking anywhere near enough water! (Despite owning the most beautiful bottles ever)

So yesterday I put it to you guys to share YOUR top tips for drinking more water!

The Adventures of MontiiCo Smoothie Cups!

2020, you got me. You sure showed me just how hard it can be! But in the same breath, you also showed me how amazing our community is that surrounds our brand and for this, I’m forever grateful. Delay after delay, unbelievable stories (trust me, I hardly believe them too!) our team, customers, stockists and loyal fans have supported us.

Getting to Know...Ness!

When Ness joined the crew... It was like it was meant to be! I have actually known Ness’ twin sister Peta for quite some time as our boys were born - as coincidence happens on the same day!

So when I put the call out for a general “all-rounder!” with a “can-do” attitude, Peta mentioned Ness just so happened to be looking for work.. And I guess they say, the rest is history!

Look What's New!

Soggy sandwiches be gone, we’ve got Dinosaur, Unicorn and Mermaid on the case to keep lunches chilled while being the envy of the playground. 

Check out our brand new prints below! 

Getting to know... GEOFF!

Geoff and Olive Mega MontiiCo Drink Bottle

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce the crew. Kicking it off with Geoff (HEFFA), our warehouse fella, lifter of all things heavy and general all-rounder! 

Geoff will be found working with the tunes pumpin’ (always!) and if you follow our IG stories, you’ll know Geoff is always smiling and always cheery - yes even early in the morning! (Loves an early morning - unlike the rest of us!)

Lifehack coming at you...

With the whole family at home at the moment, who else is finding themselves with a million {half-full} cups to collect from around the house each afternoon!? I swear there must be some extra people living here that I don’t know about - the washing up just doesn’t add up! 

Five 10 Minute Brain Break Ideas For The Whole Family

It’s 8am, kids have been up since 5.30 and are already fighting, emails are flooding in, the house is a mess...(not just my house right?!) Or maybe, you need a quick reset button for the whole family to change up the mood! Just for something different. #IsoLife 

An update from Steph

As a small biz’ it’s no secret to say these have been tricky and stressful times we have been navigating the past few weeks. We are so grateful for the support in our loyal Montii crew, amazing stockist and wonderful customers!

We want everyone to know, now more than ever we need that support and that you can still expect the same speedy dispatch and ah-mazing customer service.