How to pack fun school lunches

Whether this is your first time sending kiddies off to school, or you're a well practised lunch box prepper - we want to help keep away the lunch box dread. 

After the first few weeks, packing school lunch boxes can seem like a daunting task especially when they've been coming home only half eaten (grrrr).  

We're sharing our tips and tricks for packing fun lunches that will actually get eaten, along with some of our favourite accessories that will transform lunches quickly and easily!


It needn't take hours to prep a fun lunch box, and you don't need to be super creative to make it pretty!

Check out our range of Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters. From fairies and unicorns to sharks, dinosaurs and trains - there's heaps of shapes to choose from to keep lunches interesting! 

When you're stuck for fun lunch ideas, try thinking of a lunch box 'theme' like 'Under the Sea' or 'Fairy Princess' and try to build fun foods around that using pantry items like popcorn, cereal or sprinkles. A quick peek at Pinterest should give you some ideas! 

lunch punch fun lunch ideas

Make food stacks of fun with the Lunch Punch ‘Stix’ - these are little food kebab sticks in a range of colours, topped with a star.

Turn lunch from dull to devoured simply by threading finger foods on to Stix. Some of our faves are 'pizza' on a stick, or pancake stacks using mini Pikelets and strawberries - yum! 


Another great way to come up with fun lunch ideas is to think of a dinner they love and turn it into a lunch box friendly version. Fish and Chips, or Sushi are great examples! You can use our handy Wrap Bands to hold bunches of veggie sticks or wraps and bread rolls together neatly - which also adds a splash of colour! 

And for when packing a lunchbox just isn't happening - try sending a food jar to school! Chicken nuggets or noodles for lunch are an easy swap for a sandwich that kids love! 

Getting your children involved in preparing their lunch box from an early age is also a great way to keep lunches exciting and to figure out what they do and don't like to eat at lunch.

Whether it’s putting toppings onto a pizza for tomorrow’s lunch, mixing together ingredients for vegetable muffins, or choosing what fruit they want at the supermarket, kiddos are more likely to eat things they helped to make, as it gives them a sense of independence.

We hope we've inspired you to get creative with fun lunches! Let us know if you have any tips for fellow parents! 


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