The MontiiCo Lunchbag Size Guide

Everyday we get asked which lunch boxes fit with our MontiiCo Insulated Lunch Bag, so we’ve created this helpful guide to help you choose the perfect lunch box! 

We tried and tested some of the most popular lunch boxes out there to see what fits with Montii and what doesn’t - but we didn’t stop there. We asked Peta from The Bento Buzz, our local lunchbox expert, to give us the inside scoop on how to pick the best lunch box for you. 

Keep reading for the low-down on how to pick the perfect lunch box to pair with your Montii Lunch Bag.

Award winning, leak proof and made for whole sandwiches, fruit and even yoghurt. These are a top seller.

How does fit with Montii?

From our lunchbox expert

Finally! A lunch box that holds whole pieces of fruit! Yay! With an 8 cup capacity, this lunch box is one of the largest on the market and at only $29.95, one of the most affordable too!

Includes two leakproof compartments, a stretchy silicone seal that bends over the shape of large fruit and is removable for ease of cleaning and a moveable divider to further separate food. Available in 6 fun colours that match beautifully with MontiiCo bags.

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Go Green

This brand is strong and loved for it, and has really blossomed in recent times – now available in pink, blue and purple as well as the original (lovely) green. A rainbow that will not fade.

How does Go Green fit with Montii?

From our lunchbox expert

The practically indestructible Go Green is a firm favourite at The Bento Buzz for its size and durability! Go Green lunch boxes just don't break... they bounce! If your kiddies are the rough and tumble type, THIS is your lunch box!

All compartments are leakproof and generously sized, perfect for hungry appetites. All Go Green parts are available to purchase separately, so you'll never need to buy a whole new lunch box again!

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The original leak-proof bento box designs – with a European twist. Yumbox comes in Tapas (the largest), Panino, Original and MiniSnack sizes. 

How Does Yumbox Fit With Montii?

From Our lunchbox expert

The original bento box. Designed in France, Yumbox have developed multiple sized boxes for different, perfectly portioned sized meals. Choose an Original or Panino for younger children or a Tapas size for larger appetites. The Tapas size also has additional trays available (sold separately) to change the inner configuration of the lunch box. The Yumbox MiniSnack is perfect for snacks on the go! Always a popular bento box at The Bento Buzz, we have plenty of colours to choose from!

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Little Lunchbox Co

We know so many of you are bento style lunch fans forever. It’s not only the little ones who love to mix ‘n’ match at lunch time, and play around with portions. And MontiiCo and Bento are made for each other.

How does Little Lunchbox Co fit with Montii?

From our Lunchbox Expert

A fave brand for lovers of matchy-matchy lunch box sets! Choose a Bento Five if your child loves small portions of lots of foods, or a Bento Three if they'd prefer a larger sandwich or salad with just a few sides. The matching Bento Two snack containers are perfect for morning fruit breaks or recess. The new season range features a redesigned latch for durability and longevity.

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Other Lunchbox Brands

Not seeing your lunch box? Trying to find out if a different lunch box will fit into our MontiiCo Lunch Bags? Beetbox, OmieBox, Stuck On You… see our full gallery below for the range of loved brands that were made to fit.


Need some help? We’ve got you covered! 

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