Our favourite freezer friendly lunch box recipes

corn slice freezer friendly

With Back to School just around the corner, now's a great time to stock up your freezer with some easy grab and pack lunch box friendly recipes! All these recipes are perfect for making with your little ones and then storing in the freezer, and they'll defrost really well in a lunchbox. 

Which Montii bottle is right for your kids?


A water bottle is a Back to School staple, and we have a range of sizes to suit all ages! Our Mini, Original and Mega Bottles will all keep your drinks cool all day, but which bottle size is right for your kids?

Top tips for getting Kindy & Prep ready

From choosing your lunch box to labelling your Montii bits, check out our tips for getting kids ready for Kindy and Prep.

Everything you need to know about MontiiCo Backpacks

Montiico Backpacks

What makes MontiiCo Backpacks so special?

We're glad you asked! We put together a blog to answer all your questions and give you a run down on all the important features, all in one place! 

Keep kids full during the school day

pack and snack

School kids are busy and active, so snacking is important to keep their energy levels high. We've put together some tips for packing the right kind of snacks to keep kids full during the school day. 

Top tips for getting older kids ready for school

older kids back to school

Older kids means bigger appetites and busier schedules. Check out our tips for getting older kids Back to School ready, plus some of our top product picks!

What makes Montii Lunch Bags so great?

We don't mean to toot our own horn, but we think our Insulated Lunch Bags are the best lunch bags around. Here's just a few reasons why...

Take the stress out of school mornings

Smoothies on the run

School mornings can be hard, getting everyone and yourself ready for the day and out of the door. We've put together some ideas to take some of the pressure out of school mornings – even if things don’t always go smoothly!

Top tips for getting Primary School ready

back to school tips

Back to School prep changes as kids start to settle into school and their appetites grow. Up your lunch game with some handy tips and lunch box extras!

What do the Montii Crew hope Santa will bring this year?

montii christmas

What do the Montii Crew hope Santa will bring this year? Well, one of us is still waiting for the same gift we requested for Mother's Day - ha! Here's what we're hoping for under the tree this year. 

MontiiCo Holiday Gift Guide Round Up


Shipping cut off dates are just around the corner and we know you might not have the time to browse our whole Gift Guide. So, think of this like a quick fire round (up)! 

MontiiCo Holiday Gift Ideas - Teacher Gifts

Teacher gift ideas

2021 has been another difficult year for teachers, so make their end of year gift extra special, with a gift from MontiiCo! We've rounded up a few of our faves, and included some other ideas to pair with them, for the perfect #matchymatchy present. 

MontiiCo Holiday Gift Ideas - For Her

For Her Gift Ideas

Mums, wives, girlfriends, sisters and friends will treasure these special and stylish MontiiCo gifts, plus our top picks for Her from some of our favourite small businesses. 

MontiiCo Holiday Gift Ideas - For Younger Kids

younger kids gift guide

With so much to choose from, shopping for younger kids can take forever! We put together some special gifts for littles from some of our favourite small businesses, plus mini Montii gifts they'll love.

MontiiCo Holiday Gift Ideas - For Primary School Kids

primary school kids gift guide blog

Tired of getting lost in all the toy websites? Stop searching, because we've been there and done that! Check out our handpicked gifts for kids from some of our favourite small businesses, plus gifts from Montii that'll get used daily! 

MontiiCo Holiday Gift Ideas - For Tweens & Teens

tweens and teens gift guide

It can be hard to shop for teens and pre-teens when what's 'cool' changes as often as the weather in Melbourne. We put together a list of certified cool gift ideas, full of Montii gifts they'll love plus some goodies from some of our favourite small businesses!  

MontiiCo Holiday Gift Ideas - For Him

Gifts For Him

From the beer drinker to Mr. Organised, we're sharing our top gift picks for your guy! Dad, brother, son, hubby or boyfriend, our Gift Guide is packed full of Montii gifts he'll love, plus some goodies from some of our favourite small businesses!  

Monochrome on a mission!


By now you would have seen all of the new goodies we've just released as part of our Monochrome and People's Choice release! You might be wondering how we ended up with this rather eclectic mix of new products - so here’s the back story of our latest drop...

5 mins with the Montii Marketing Crew

Last time we got to know Kowen and Emma a little better, and now it's time to grill the rest of the marketing gals - Ness, Kylie and Teagan! 

10 non-food uses for your MontiiCo Pack & Snack Bags!

When we say, as handy as they come we mean it - literally! Our MontiiCo Pack & Snack Bags aren’t just for snacks! (Although that’s a whole other blog post!) But super handy for SO many uses! 

Catch up with our Content Crew!

Last time you got to have a yarn with Steph and Steeny, and now it's time to catch up with Kowen and Emma who work closely together to come up with lots of the content you see on our website and socials!