Top tips for getting Primary School ready

Primary School tips

Back to School prep changes as kids start to settle into school and their appetites grow. Up your lunch game with some handy tips and lunch box extras!

Take the stress out of school mornings

Smoothies on the run

School mornings can be hard, getting everyone and yourself ready for the day and out of the door. We've put together some ideas to take some of the pressure out of school mornings – even if things don’t always go smoothly!

Which Montii bottle is right for your kids?

A water bottle is a Back to School staple, and we have a range of sizes to suit all ages! Our Mini, Original and Mega Bottles will all keep your drinks cool all day, but which bottle size is right for your kids?

Top tips for getting Kindy & Prep ready

Back to School Kindy and Prep

From choosing your lunch box to labelling your Montii bits, check out our tips for getting kids ready for Kindy and Prep.

MontiiCo Matching Sets

Fantasea Bundle

Each one of our perfectly paired bundles has been discounted to save you money without skimping on style! We have over 40 matching sets so there's something to suit everyone!

Getting to know...Emma

Emma is the freshest member of the Montii Crew - although it feels like she has been a part of our team forever! Hailing from the UK, her lovely accent makes even the dullest of tasks sound that little bit more exciting, and her delicious home baking has us all buttered up, gushing over our newest recruit! 

Gifts for Him

MontiiCo Black Reusables

Shopping for men just got easier with our Gifts for Him guide! Dad, brother, son, hubby or boyfriend, we've got you covered with the perfect MontiiCo gifts. 


Gifts for Her

We all know that women make the world go round, so let's spoil them this Christmas. 

These are our favourite Montii gifts for mums, wives, girlfriends, daughters & us - she'll love them!

Mocktails with MontiiCo

With the warmer weather and the festive season on its way, we've been getting ready to fill our MontiiCo cups with something a little special!

Teacher Gift Ideas

2020 has been a hard year for teachers, so make their end of year gift extra special, with a gift from MontiiCo! 

Will the lunchbox fit my MontiiCo Lunch Bag?

Lots of you have been asking if the new whole foods Lunchbox will fit our MontiiCo Insulated Lunch Bag - so we put it to the test! 

Chilled Delights, On The Go!

It is the season to get those MontiiCo insulated Food Jars packed with cool treats for lunch, afternoon picnics and luxurious weekend days wherever you and the fam may decide to be.

How To Up Your Smoothie Game

This is a photo of a MontiiCo white smoothie cup beside a clear snack bag with fruit and spinach in it.

For many of us, a smoothie for breakfast is a daily yes, especially as the weather warms up. There are also those glorious 2-smoothie days. #whynot (And some diets and nutritionists prescribe 2 for health. #yesplease)

And all these smoothies take preparation, right? 

What Coffee Cup is for me?

Have you been wondering what’s the right Coffee Cup for you? I’m going to let you in on a little secret - I actually don’t drink coffee! [Mic drop!] BUT I do drink A LOT of tea...  And I also totally get the liquid goodness most people *need* to kick start the day!

Getting to know… Craig!

He’s the newest member of the team! The calm amongst the chaos, Craig joined our warehouse team earlier this year after while his job as a restaurant manager was put on hold (thanks COVID) And because we are SO RAD to work with (right?) we convinced him to stay and to join the team in the office to manage our wonderful international distributors along with all of the fun manufacturing logistics.

Let’s get to know Craig a little more…

MontiiCo + Kasey Rainbow Collaboration

Behind every product is a little story... And the story behind our Wildcats Range is a bit of an exciting one at that! Up until now all of our designs at MontiiCo have been produced in house, but it has been a goal for us in 2020 to collaborate with local artists.

Getting to know… Steph!

I started Montii in 2017 and prior to having a team (still pinching myself about that!) I did all.of.the.things! From designing the products right through to emptying the office bins. What I LOVE most is being creative! Basically, my brain doesn’t switch off (ever!) - so these days, I have a whole bunch of ideas and now have an awesome team who helps me bring them to life.

How to Nail Your Next Product Photoshoot!

Yeah ok, so we aren’t professional photoshooters! (Far from it!) But after a few shoots under our belts, we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way. So we thought we’d be kind enough to share how we ran our last (pretty successful) new product photoshoot.

Getting to know... Kirsty

I love introducing this FAB team we now have here at MontiiCo! Did you know, Kirsty was actually the very first person we starting outsourcing a little bit of work to.. (By little - I mean four hours a week!) WOW, look how we’ve grown now!

The low down on our MontiiCo Insulated Food Jars...

The Montii Insulated Food Jar is ready for lunchtime! #nohungerpangs. Need your winter’s lunch toasty hot or summer salad crispy cold? This is the guy for this job. But don’t take my word for it let me tell you why!


10 non-food uses for your MontiiCo Pack & Snack Bags!

When we say, as handy as they come we mean it - literally! Our MontiiCo Pack & Snack Bags aren’t just for snacks! (Although that’s a whole other blog post!) But super handy for SO many uses!