5 ways to use our Bento Two Snack Boxes


In the hustle and bustle of daily life, our Bento Two snack boxes are a versatile solution for all appetites and occasions! Whether it's for school, on-the-go or for a playdate - our airtight compartments mean you can pack them the night before and the food stays fresh! Don't forget to pack one for yourself (parents need snacks too)! Here are five creative ways to make the most out of your Bento Two Snack Box. 

1. Munch and crunch 

The Bento Two is perfect snack box for the kids Munch & Crunch, Crunch & Sip, Brain Break - whatever your school calls it, the scheduled healthy snack break is made simple with our Bento Two. Lightweight and little enough for the smallest hands which means it's easy to bring to school. With a removable divider you can pack a wide variety of fruits and veggies to fuel their brain power!

2. Car snacks

Pre-prepared snacks are the perfect way to score a little peace and quiet on a road trip. With the individual compartments being leak proof, you can pack a variety of bite-sized snacks. You don't need a million containers and lids that end up floating around in the back seat of the car. You can also add a Bento Divider or Bento Cups if you want to pack even more variety. 

3. Sushi Bento

Get ready to score some major parent points with a sushi bento box for your little sushi lovers! Don't overcomplicate it - buy sushi or make it if you prefer. Arrange sushi pieces in a compartment, use a leakproof Dip & Sauce Box for soy sauce and add in a Bento Divider for edamame or your fave snack in the last compartment. A sushi bento box is a great way to change up lunch times!

4. Lunch for little eaters

A great way to use our Bento Twos is for lunch for those with a smaller appetite. You can fit a sandwich (cut in half) without the crusts in one section and other goodies in the rest! Add fruit, section it off with a Bento Divider and surprise them with their favourite treats in a Dip & Sauce Box. The smaller portions make it less overwhelming for little eaters and encourage them to try new foods! 

5. Play date snacks


Off to a picnic or park playdate? Pack a snack box to avoid the hangries! It also saves you time and money, avoiding that quick Maccas run on the way home. The Bento Twos are the perfect size for veggie sticks including cucumber, carrot and celery, crackers like Jatz and a little sweet treat that they'll look forward to eating!


I hope you found some helpful ways to use our Bento Twos and would love to know what other ways you use yours! Leave it in the comments section below.

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