This Photo is Of MontiiCo Staff Standing in Front of a Tiki Bar Holding MontiiCo Products

About US

MontiiCo create rad reusables

for Active Aussie Families, just like ours! 

Meet Steph

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All of the products at Montii are made with Mum in mind, because at the end of the day? Mums make the world go 'round. So it's my mission to create fun, practical and reusable products which make your lives a little bit easier and the world a bit more plastic-free.

Montii Mums want products that not only look awesome and unique to what you find in the shops (and let’s admit, Insta-worthy and matchy matchy), but they also want school and family activity essentials made to withstand dropping, kicking, spilling, whacking and whatever else our little angels do when we're not looking! So my new (much quieter) babies were born. First came our water bottles, then lunch bags and then our wildly popular smoothie cups (hello hidden veggies!). Now we have the full family of fun, high quality and seriously durable lifestyle products designed to help rad families live their best life - outdoors, on adventures and making memories together (and getting out the door a bit quicker!).

We love to hear what you guys think, need and want to see - we are always up for a new challenge and to hear new ideas!

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Meet The Montii Crew

Meet Kowen

Design & Content Production

Kowen (aka Kirsty) tries to hide more behind the camera than in front! Chief content creator, this gal is a serious creative genius!

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Meet Geoff

Warehouse Fella

Our warehouse guru, lifter of all things heavy, chief photography set creator, video guy and general all-rounder!

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Meet Craig

Office Manager

The newest member of the team, and the calm, collected oversee-er of all that goes on in the office. From suppliers, to logistics, to hiring - Craig is our go-to!

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Meet Ness

Customer Service Guru

The thing we love most about Ness is she will always say yes. She's on the social media team, she's a model in our photoshoots, she rocks the warehouse and she's a champion for our beloved customers.

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Our Values

Made to withstand all the dropping, kicking, spilling, whacking and whatever else our little angels do when we’re not looking. #kids

Loads of rad surprises and freebies for our #montiicrew. Make sure you sign up for yours!

Always creating & designing, we strive to make life easier for Mums & families.

Our products are uber cool with RAD unique prints that are matchy matchy and always #instaworthy.

Little kids or BIG - We love ‘em all and make products to suit the whole family

We don’t take ourselves too seriously round here. Follow us for some behind the scenes giggles.