Meet the next generation of MontiiCo Food Jars


We’ve got some great news.. say hello to the next generation of MontiiCo Food Jars! 

You guys have been asking us about these for months and behind the scenes we’ve been working hard to give them a fresh, Fusion makeover - making quality improvements that I just know you guys are going to love!

Here's a little rundown of 6 things we know you're gonna love about the next generation of MontiiCo Food Jars 👇 

1. These Food Jars now come in two sizes - Mini & Regular

The Mini Food Jar has a 200ml capacity - the perfect size for smaller portions and snacks, munch & crunch or breakfast on the go. 

The Regular Food Jar has a 400ml capacity for a satisfying serve. From yoghurt topped with granola to warm chicken nuggets - serve their favourite foods at the ideal temperature!

2. Four Colours

Our new Food Jars are coming in four different colours. Two colours you know and love from our Fusion range -Calypso and Dusk, as well as two NEW colours you haven't seen yet - Mojito and Coastal. 

3. More NEW coming!

We've got a whole range of new accessories coming soon, so that you can mix and match in lots of bright fun new colours we can't wait to share with you! All specially designed to compliment these new Food Jars. 

4. Made with even higher quality material

The next generation of MontiiCo Food Jars are made from an even higher quality double walled stainless steel than the Classic ones, which means they keep hot foods warm and toasty for longer! The regular size (400ml) stays warm for for 8 hours and Mini stays warm for 5!

5. Dishwasher safe

Being busy parents ourselves, making these Food Jars dishwasher safe was a Montii must! We're talking lid, base, bands, cutlery - all of it. Throw it in the dishwasher at the end of the day and you're good to go! 

6. Fits our Fusion Bumpers!

A game changing feature - our Food Jars now fit the Large Fusion Bumpers which means you can mix and match to your heart's content and protect your base from any knocks or drops. Use a large Fusion bumper you already own or buy a few to keep changing it up.

The next generation of Montii Food Jars are landing really soon, if you don't wanna miss out make sure you join the waitlist here



  • Chrystal Warn

    these look awesome would love to be on the wait list

  • Ashlee Kriening

    Beautiful colours! Curious what under the lid looks like – is it stainless steel or plastic?

  • Maria

    These look amazing, we have had one since they first came out and it is used all the time, I think I need to treat myself to a new one!

  • Amber

    Great idea but are there any boy colours? My son wouldn’t take any of those colours to school and I only buy lunch containers and bags that I can share with my son.

  • Jaclyn

    Yes yes yes wait list me!!!

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