5 Ways to Use Your MontiiCo Bumpers


Do you have spare MontiiCo Bumpers lying around? Unsure what to do with them? We've got heaps of ideas to make the most out of them - not just for bottles. Check out a few ideas from our Montii Crew Facebook Group below, and carry on reading for some extra ideas! 👇

"Can use it as silicone cups for lunchbox" - Zali

"Mine use the bumpers in the bath as cups and bath toys haha 😂" - Eleanor

"They make great on the go pet water bowls if you have a pet!" - Emma

"My daughter made beds for her little toys with them 😅" - Amy

MontiiCo Bumpers are made from food grade silicone, so you can use them as baking moulds, cupcake liners, inside a lunch box and more! Here are some fun ways you can use your MontiiCo Bumpers: 

1.Make Jelly with fruit

Making Jelly is super easy and always a winner with the kids! Make a few at a time and store them in the fridge for school lunches for the week! You can even make overnight oats, yoghurt with muesli and more!

2.Make awesome platters

Having people over or hosting a kids party? A different way to use your bumpers is to make a platter! Our Bumpers come in a range of colours which means you can make a bright, fun platter that keeps everything neatly in place for easier clean up!

3.On the go pet bowl 

Our Bumpers are lightweight enough to keep spares in your handbag or in the car - or simply slip the one off the base of your water bottle when you need a handy vessel for water for your furry friends!

 4.Freeze them for ice

Make giant ice cubes for drinks over ice or freeze with a toy inside them to make a sensory activity for the kids! Kids will have fun hammering, breaking the ice to see what's inside!

5.Sensory play

Another fun sensory play activity is to sort their toys - they can match their favourite toys with the same bumper colour or, if they think they're too cool for this my tip is to do it wrong so they'll have fun correcting you! 

Using your MontiiCo Bumpers in these different ways is a great activity for school holidays too! Let us know if there are any other ways you use your spares in the comments! 

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