Choosing the right lunch box for your kids

Looking for a lunch box that fits in a lunch bag with an ice pack, one that's easy to open and clean, fits in your school bag and isn't too heavy? ūüôÉ No wonder it gets overwhelming when your little ones are starting school!¬†¬†

It doesn't have to be so hard choosing the right lunch box for your kids with our range of kids bento boxes. We have a bento lunch box that will suit them no matter what age and their appetite. Having just one lunch box is so much easier for little kids to navigate, rather than sending them with multiple containers!

See below to find which lunch box is right for your kid's lunchūüĎá


Munch & Crunch, Crunch & Sip, Brain Break, whatever your school calls it, the scheduled healthy snack break is made simple with our Bento Two. With a removable divider you can pack a wide variety of fruits and veggies to fuel their brain power!

I also like to use mine for car trips to keep the kids entertained with snacks or days out and about. Sometimes I'll send the kids with one on a play date.

They're NOT suitable for sandwiches with crusts, large rolls and croissants, packaged foods ie. snack packs & yoghurt pouches, whole large fruits ie. apples and bananas so if your kids have a bigger appetite, pair it with one of our medium or large lunch boxes below!



When choosing the right lunch box for your kids our medium lunch boxes may look the same on the outside and they are the same size, but they have different configurations inside!

The Bento Three is designed for children who prefer sandwiches, wraps or salads but still like some variety. The three large compartments give you plenty of options for lunchtime.

I like to prep my lunch in the Bento Three lunch boxes as I looove to put a salad in the bigger section, then a bit of fruit and a protein ball in the other two - just enough for lunch time and it's all in the one box! 


The Bento Five has 5 compartments, so it‚Äôs great for packing more variety or for ‚Äėgrazers‚Äô who prefer small amounts of different foods.¬†This is the right lunch box for your kids if they¬†prefer the variety or are fussy eaters¬†and don't like their food touching.

Switch things up each day and create endless combinations of nutritious food in 5 bite-sized leakproof* compartments! With no removable parts this is a great choice for Prep and Kindy kids. 

I often see our customers use the Bento Five for tuck shop day so the kids still get their daily dose of fruit and favourite snacks!



The Bento Plus still has all the features of our best selling Bento Three - only bigger! With three separate large sections, our Bento Plus has been designed for older kids, adults, and little ones with a larger appetite! 

Pack a whole sandwich (crusts on!), bagels, rolls, wraps, or even croissants in the large section. This box is the perfect all day lunch box as it fits SO much more than you think!

The Bento Plus lunch boxes are also great to make a cheese platter in - perfect for picnics as you can prep all the platter bits and pieces, pop it in a Large or Medium Lunch Bag and it'll keep your food fresh all day long!



Hot tip: You can add our Silicone Bento Cups to any of our Bento Boxes for even easier clean up at the end of the day! Did we mention our Bento Boxes and Bento Accessories are top-rack dishwasher-safe?

All our Bento Boxes will fit inside either a Medium or Large MontiiCo Insulated Lunch Bag but if you want to see how much space they take up, or compare other Lunch Box brands then you can check out our handy Lunch Bag Size Guide!

I hope this eased your mind a little and helped you choose the right lunch box for your kids. We'd love to know what bento box you chose, leave us a comment below! 


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