Behind the scenes | Our upgraded Lunch Bags & Backpacks

Hey Montii fam', as our range of products evolves and we start to bring you new goodies more often, we wanted to show you a little bit of the design process, so you can see just how much thought and hard work we put into all our Montii products. We extensively test and try our products at home with our own families to bring you the very best products that we know truly deliver!

Let's start with our newest range of Lunch Bags and Backpacks!

Designing all our products in house means that we can listen to your reviews and experiences - and after producing and selling hundreds of thousands of Lunch Bags, we’re confident in these new improvements. 

Follow along as we take you behind the scenes of the making of our upgraded Lunch Bags & Backpacks...

The making of MontiiCo Bags

First up, product design dream team Kowen and Teagan took a look at our past designs to see what prints you guys loved. Blossom Leopard and our Daydreamer tie dye inspired print were firm favourites, which gave us a starting point for our new range. See it start to come to life below!

montiico lunch bag designs

montiico lunch bag making of

After coming up with two new tie dye inspired designs, Kowen had them printed locally on to fabric to sample and see what colour bottles and accessories they work well with. Then we check the scale to make sure it works on our Large size Lunch Bag!

montiico new designs lunch bag prints

Next up - updating our Custom MontiiCo zipper pulls to include our fresh new Montii logo! 

MontiiCo Lunch Bags custom zips

And finally, once our final samples arrive, Kowen takes all our product photos and Ness and Sophia create content for our social media channels at our super fun photoshoots! This time we headed to Sunset Studio GC to shoot with these superstars - Kael and Ali, who nailed every shot!

montiico new kids lunch bags

Now you've seen the behind the scenes, here's a little run down of all the new features of our improved Lunch Bags, starting with the Premium, padded handle!

montiico lunch bag padded handle

We upgraded the inner lunch bag lining to the thickest possible aluminium lining we could find, to keep contents super fresh and to stand up to the rough 'n' tumble of the playground! We popped our new logo on there too so that you know this is the original Montii lining with our top quality guaranteed! You might also notice the upgraded mesh, velcro and elastic on inner pocket.

montiico insulated lunch bag lining

If you're anything like us, you might've accidentally washed our old style lunch bags with the cardboard name tag still inside. It's an easy mistake to make, but won't be a problem anymore with our new stitched in name tag.

Speaking of stitching, say hello to our updated, rubber backed, stitched on logo! Looks pretty cool, right?

montiico updated lunch bag logo

You'll notice our best selling ice packs have had a little upgrade too! Complete with our fresh branding, the sealed edges of these ice packs is double the width of our older versions, so they're even tougher! 

montiico new and improved ice pack

Of course, we had to release matching Backpacks to go with these fresh new lunch bag designs! The feature changes on these aren't as obvious as the lunch bags, but we did make improvements to these too along the way.

We double reinforced the stitching along the handle to make sure it's strong enough to hang the backpack by the handle all day - which is how a lot of them are stored at school. 

montiico new kids backpacks

After listening to your feedback we also removed the lining from the outside pockets, to make it easier to pop a bottle with a bumper in and out of those pockets - this took a lot of testing to find the perfect amount of grip so the bottle doesn't fall out!

We're confident these newly upgraded Insulated Lunch Bags and matching Backpacks are our best yet, and we can't wait for you to try them.

But don't just take our word for it! Check out these awesome reviews of our brand new lunch bags!

"The new improvements are awesome and take lunch bag to next level. It’s great for everyone and fits so much in and keeps it all cold with ice pack. We just bought 5 of new styles love them well worth it" 

"So impressed. We’ve had the Montii lunch bags before, but this new design is such an improvement on the last bag" 

"I have purchased one of your large lunch bags from one of your stockists and it's done well, but I've recently purchased a new bag and the difference in quality is amazing. I loved the original but this new one is even better! I'll be coming back for another one and will keep the original for a spare" 

Shop these new arrivals here !

Steph & the crew

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