Which Montii bottle is right for your kids?


A water bottle is a Back to School staple, and we have a range of sizes to suit all ages! 

Our 350ml, 475ml, 700ml and 1L will all keep your drinks cool all day, but which bottle size is right for your kids?


All of our MontiiCo Drink Bottles are made from Stainless Steel and are BPA Free, and have double wall insulation to keep contents cool all day!

Keep reading to learn more about our MontiiCo Insulated Water Bottles and how to choose the right water bottle for your kids.

Our 350ml Drink Bottle is the perfect size for toddlers and those starting school, but are suitable for all ages. The perfect size for even little hands to hold.

The 350ml Drink Bottle has interchangeable base which means these bases aren’t just a one-trick pony. Designed to be multi-purpose, switch the lid to a Smoothie Lid to transform your base into the ultimate smoothie sidekick!

If your little ones are just starting school, it’s a good idea to check with the school if the kids have access to refill their water bottle. If they can and are able to, then our 350ml Drink Bottles are the perfect size! Otherwise, if they’ll need water to last the whole day we recommend our 475ml or 700ml, which will keep water cool all day! 

TIP: The 350ml Drink Bottle is the perfect size to throw in your handbag or for anyone that doesn't drink much water throughout the day. Add a Sipper Lid, Flask Lid, or Stainless Steel Lid and you can say goodbye to dreaded spills - these lids leakproof when closed tight.

475ml Drink Bottle

Our 475ml Drink Bottle is the coolest companion for all your adventures! Like all our bases, has a wide mouth opening which is perfect for popping ice cubes in, to keep your drink uber frosty!  The perfect lightweight option for kindy & prep aged kids or grown ups who don’t mind a refill.

Whether you're on an outdoor adventure or just conquering the concrete jungle, this super strong stainless steel bottle will keep your drinks frosty even on the hottest summer days - maintaining that icy goodness sip after sip.


700ml Drink Bottle

The 350ml Drink Bottle is sized just right for primary school aged kids, grown ups and everyone in between - the perfect all rounder to fill with your favourites.

Get the 700ml Drink Bottle with our most popular Sipper lid, with a handy tab that allows you to flip ’n’ sip one handed on the go. This bottle is kid-approved, adult-friendly - sized just right for primary school aged kids to take to school or sport, or for grown ups on the go - it even fits in most car cup holders.


1L Drink Bottle

Our much loved 1L Drink Bottle is designed for those with a craving for thirst. The perfect size for older or active kids doing after school or before school training - or for grown ups who don’t want to refill throughout the day.

This bottle makes it great for big water drinkers who can never seem to drink enough water! It's perfect for quenching your thirst on those hot Aussie Summer days. 

If you have pretty active kids who might be doing after school or before school training we recommend upgrading them to a 1L Drink Bottle to keep them hydrated all day.


Our MontiiCo Bumpers are an awesome way to customise your Montii bottle to suit your style, and they also help protect your bottle from drops and knocks! 

Our bumpers come in a range of colours to compliment your bottle and come in 2 different sizes. The Small Bumper will fit 350ml - 700ml sized bottles but you'll need to select a Large Bumper for our 1L and 1.5L Bottles, which have a wider base!

Lets talk lids...

We have 5 types of lids for your Montii bottle and they're all interchangeable - awesome! We have the Sipper Lid, Smoothie Lid, Flask Lid, Coffee Lid and Stainless Lid. We wanted to give you the freedom to choose exactly what you want, so that no parts go to waste.

Just purchase the parts when you need them, as you need them!

We hope this helps you to choose the best Montii bottle for your kids! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions, or check out our Drink Bottle FAQs!


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