Top tips for getting older kids ready for school


Back to School shopping for older kids and teenagers can be difficult. They're at the age where they're super conscious of what is and isn't cool. Luckily, we've got you covered with some stylish options, plus tips on how to handle bigger appetites and busier schedules!


The next best thing after picking out a new pair of back-to-school shoes is getting a new lunch bag. Often as kids get older they shy away from prints and colours that may seem young or babyish. For older kids we love our Midnight lunch bags and backpacks which are bit more mature.

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It’s no secret teenagers love to sleep in. For mornings when they’re pushing it for time, whip them up a quick smoothie for breakfast and they can take it on the go in one of our Smoothie Cups that keep contents cool for hours. 

HOT TIP: Be the ultimate cool mum and make them their own ice coffee (or mocha, or decaf!) 


The only thing you'll regret is not investing in a MontiiCo bento box sooner! You'll appreciate the convenience a bento box will offer you, having just one lunch box is so much easier for little kids to navigate, rather than sending them with multiple containers! We have a bento lunch box that will suit them no matter what age and their appetite. 

Finding it hard to choose the right bento box for your kids? We know how overwhelming it can be which is why we've created a whole blog post on just this. Find our blog post here.


Our 700ml bottles are a great choice for keeping your kids water cool throughout the school day. If you have pretty active kids who might be doing after school or before school training we recommend upgrading them to a 1L drink bottle to keep them hydrated all day!

TIP: Style is important to older kids and can seem to change frequently! Instead of buying a whole new bottle, change up the look of their bottle regularly with a coloured bumper to suit their current look. 


Our Backpacks are big enough to keep up with the ever growing list of school essentials! They have plenty of compartments that can be filled to the brim with everything from pencils cases and folders, to spare clothes and a laptop. Plus, they're designed to withstand heaps of use, so they’ll be able to take it with them year after year, and to after school sport or study sessions. Our trendy Hearts and Combat prints are the perfect camouflage for those who want to blend in. But if they want to stand out, they come in brighter prints too!

Do you have older kids heading back to school this year? We'd love to know your tips! 

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