Our favourite belly warming recipes

As the temperature is dropping, our appetites seem to be on the up! We wanted to share a few of our favourite belly warming recipes that are super easy to make and the perfect comfort food for winter. 

These recipes also make the perfect match for our Insulated Food Jars that keep your food toasty on the go!

Pumpkin Soup by Recipearce

 Pumpkin soup

The perfect soup recipe for colder weather - even better served with some tasty garlic bread! This super easy and delicious dish is the perfect lunch to take in our Insulated Food Jars

Veggie Loaded Chicken Curry by My Kids Lick The Bowl

Veggie loaded curry

This easy chicken curry for kids is loaded with veggies thanks to a little trick involving a can of coconut milk and raw cauliflower. Serve with some coconut bananas as a fun side kids will love! 

Slow Cooked Carrot Cake Porridge by Recipe Mumma

Carrot Cake Porridge

This quick and easy brekkie is loaded with nutrition - made in the slow cooker it can be ready to enjoy or take on the go as soon as you wake up! You can even freeze leftovers in portions for easy defrosting on those busy mornings.

Zucchini Macaroni and Cheese by Goodie Goodie Lunch Box

Mac and Cheese

This healthier twist on Mac and Cheese is a simple, kid friendly meal idea that makes an awesome non-sandwich lunchbox option! 

In fact, our Insulated Food Jars are pretty much the perfect vessel for any pasta!

One Pot Taco Casserole by Super Healthy Kids

One pot Taco Casserole

Full of protein and fibre, this yummy Taco Casserole can be thrown together in 5 minutes. Add the cooking time and you have a healthy meal on the table in less than 30 minutes. Plus, there will only be 1 pot to wash up after - every parent's dream! This is another awesome recipe to pop into a food jar for lunch the next day as leftovers can be served warm or cold!

We'd love to know your favourite winter warmer recipes! 


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  • Kelly

    Hi, what is the trick to stopping the pasta from turning into stodgy glugby lunchtime? Unfortunately our kids lunchtime is 1pm so even making it at 8am it’s glue by lunchtime.

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