Bento box lunch ideas for adults

As adults, our busy schedules often leave us with little to no time to prepare a nutritious lunch that actually tastes good! We wanted to share a few of our favourite bento box lunch ideas for adults that are not only easy to prepare, but also ensure you get the nutrients you need to power through your day.

These recipes also make the perfect match for our medium and large lunch boxes that give you plenty of options for lunchtime!

Smoked salmon bagel by Recipe Mumma


Switch out the humble sandwich for a bagel - a smoked salmon one! This ultimate salmon bagel is all kinds of delicious - one where you can easily add or take things out without ruining the whole recipe. Also, a great bento box lunch idea for adults to pack in our Bento Three Plus.

Rice Paper Rolls By Well Nourished


A quick and easy bento box lunch idea for adults and something that you can make out of leftovers too! Add a little protein, some sort of salad or vegetables - these roll up into the perfect size for our medium lunch box compartments!

Tuna Pasta Salad by Goodie Goodie Lunch Box

This one is for the pasta salad lovers! One that tastes delicious and only takes up to 15 minutes to prepare - we love that you can easily find all the ingredients from your local supermarket if you don't already have them in your pantry or fridge! The perfect bento box lunch idea for adults to put in our Bento Three.

Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap by Taste

These sweet chilli chicken wraps are for when you can't handle another salad - another super easy idea, cost effective and quick to make! An ideal lunch to keep you fuelled for the rest of the afternoon!


Not big on meals for lunch? Our Bento Fives are the perfect snack box that keep food all in one place! Fruit, veggies, crackers, dips and yogurt can all be packed side by side without the risk of spills.

We'd love to know your favourite bento box lunch ideas for adults recipes! 


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