10 non-food uses for your MontiiCo Pack & Snack Bags!

When we say, as handy as they come we mean it - literally! Our MontiiCo Pack & Snack Bags aren’t just for snacks! (Although that’s a whole other blog post!) They're super handy for SO many uses! 

Here are 10+ ways you can use your Pack & Snack Bags for non-food fun!

1. Toys! - Building blocks all over the place? UNO cards falling out of their old packet? Our Pack & Snack Bags will keep them conveniently stored neatly together - especially when heading out of the house! 

2. Reusable baby wipes - Do you make your own baby wipes? (First up - hats off to you!) Sealed tight means they are perfect for keeping your baby wipes moist!

3. First aid kit - On-the-go first aid kit! Bandaids, tweezers...Especially for those accident-prone kiddos (mine!)

4. Hair ties and bobby pins - A must have for any handbag!

5. Busy Bags - Need to keep the kids occupied when heading to the local cafe? Pop some lego or their favourite matchbox car into your Pack & Snack Bag!

6. Last-minute present emergency pouch - Alright tell me I’m not the only Mum who buys a birthday gift on the way to the party!? Pop your sticky tape, scissors and a pen into your Pack & Snack bag to keep in the glovebox for last-minute emergencies! (You’ll thank me one day for this!)

7. Headphone and phone cables - Do you lose headphones and phone cables in the bottom of your bag when travelling? Here’s the solution!

8. Sunnies or Glasses case - Avoid scratches!

9. Sunscreen - Heading out to the beach for the day and you find the sunscreen has leaked all through your bag? Not if it’s packed conveniently into your Pack & Snack!

10. Makeup bag - Perfect for heading away for the weekend or those small makeup touch-ups! 

11. Lunch box and Baking bits - Keep your kitchen drawers tidy by keeping all your lunch box accessories and baking tools together in one, or a few Pack & Snack bags! 

12. DIY Sewing Kit - Be prepared for anything with some plain black and white thread, a needle and a couple of safety pins, kept safely in a Pack & Snack for emergency stitching situations.

13. Jewellery case - I was always throwing jewellery into the bottom of my handbag for weekend getaways and then forgetting to put it on later. Now it gets packed into a Pack & Snack inside my weekend bag. 

So that’s a roundup! If you thought these guys were just for snacks - think again!! You’ll be needed to add a few to your cart (you know, just in case!)

P.S Looking to up your smoothie prep game with our Snack Bag Bulk Packs? Check out our blog post:

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