5 Montii Summer Essentials


Whether you're headed to the beach, going on a picnic, or just spending a day outdoors, having the right summer essentials is crucial. We have you covered with five must-have summer products to keep you cool and hydrated throughout the season.


1. Flask for long days

The Flask Lid ensures your liquid stays the perfect temperature until the last drop, even on the longest of beach sessions! The scorching summer sun can quickly drain your energy, and staying hydrated is key. Our flask lids are your perfect companion. It keeps your beverages icy cold for hours and hours, ensuring you have a refreshing sip at your fingertips whenever you need it. Whether it's water, iced tea, or a sports drink, your Montii flask is a lifesaver on those long, hot summer days!

Pop it on a Montii 1.5L bottle - the perfect size for anyone with BIG hydration goals or those who don’t want to refill throughout the day. It's a great option to take on the go for a full day out or camping trip!

2. Sipper lid for easy hydration

Our sipper lid is designed for on-the-go convenience. It's a game-changer when you want to stay hydrated without having to fumble with caps and lids. With just a simple flip, using the handy tab (yep! no touching the lid) you can take a quick, spill-proof sip (without tipping the bottle!), making it ideal for outdoor activities, road trips, workouts, and adventures.  


3. Smoothie for a yummy brekkie

Summer mornings call for a delicious and nutritious breakfast, and our reusable smoothie cup is the perfect choice. Blend up your favourite fruits and veggies into a refreshing smoothie, pour it into the smoothie cup, and head out the door. The double-wall insulation keeps your smoothie cool for hours, and the wide mouth designed straw makes it easy to sip your smoothie right from the cup. It's a Montii summer essential & total breakfast game-changer! 

4. Cooler bag and lunch bag

Our cooler bags are not just for school kids; they're also a lifesaver for us busy mums! These stylish and practical cooler and lunch bags are perfect for packing lunch for work, school, or a family picnic. With their quality insulation, they keep your meals fresh, so you can enjoy a delicious and safe to eat lunch even when it's sweltering outside! 

5. Ice Pack and spares (to always have one cold ready to go!)

The Montii Crew know that keeping things cold is of utmost importance during the summer, and that's why we've included reusable ice packs in all our lunch bags and cooler bags. You'll always have a cold pack ready to go, ensuring that your food and drinks stay at the perfect temperature. Plus, we offer spare ice packs, so you can rotate them and keep your goodies cold all summer long.

 We hope these Montii goodies help you stay cool this summer!  

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