Road Trip Mum Hack


Are you off on a road trip these Easter holidays? Our Bento lunch boxes are perfect for car snacks on the go! I love the Bento Five for my older boys and the Bento Two for little Louie and with all the individual compartments being leakproof it means I can pack a wide variety of snacks in the one lunch box!

I usually pack a bit of fruit and/or vegetables like mango (when in season), berries, cucumbers, grapes, cherry tomatoes, cheese and crackers, even a whole sandwich without crusts will fit in a Bento Five compartment - anything that is easy to cut up into bite sized or easy to eat pieces.

I love that you don't need a million containers and lids that end up floating around in the back seat of the car, you can also add a divider or a cup if you want to pack even more variety. Airtight compartments also means you can pack them the night before and your food stays fresh!

Our Lunch Boxes are super light and easy to open, even for the littlest hands. I love that the boys can help themselves to snacks individually and I really enjoy the peace and quiet instead of arguing. Happy Easter!

What is your mum hack for long car trips?

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