Getting to Know… Kowen!


Kowen (aka Kirsty) tries to hide more behind the camera than in front! So we thought, it was about time we changed that. We put Kowen in the hot seat to ask her all the questions.. So let’s find out all the important stuff!

meet kowen

Meet Kowen!

I feel like a little bit of Deja Vu here, Kowen’s real name is Kirsty, but with one Kirsty already in the office (yes, what are the chances!) we decided that was too confusing and swifty did a little OC nickname!

What do you do at Montii?

I’ve been at Montii for around 10 months (I think!) I do content production and design. So in other words, all the pretty pictures you see..bag prints… packaging..the product photos you see! That’s my handy work. 

Tell us about your family

It’s me, my partner Phil and 4-year-old Rico who’s full of mischief (but is SO cute!)

What is your coffee order? 

Vanilla Flat White

Tell us an online brand that you love, and why?

I can’t choose just one so I have two - Garzie + May, a beautiful Sunshine Coast brand where I recently bought Rico a super cute Boho Palm quilt! And Bam Loves Boo (another QLD brand actually) for the cutest baby/kids clothing ever (seriously check them out!)

 Do you have a celebrity doppelganger? 

Apparently, Kirsten Dunst - but I’m totes not a fan!

What is your spirit animal, and why?

Sparrow…..because I’m an early bird and I lurve birds, I totally want to be a twitcher when I’m retired. 

What weird food combination do you really enjoy?

I love any and every condiment or add on available especially the hot ones like Jalapenos, wasabi etc…...I also recently decided that Apple Cider Vinegar and Pasta Salad are the best combo ever.

What is the dumbest way you have ever been injured?

I broke my arm climbing off bunk beds while playing Murder in the dark with my brothers.

 What is your most unusual talent?

Hmmm I make a mean sand village at the beach. Is that a talent?

Do you have any superstitions?

Nope, not superstitious at all.

If you could jump into a pool full of something, what would it be?

Chocolate. Without a doubt, chocolate.


So who would have guessed it!? Now we all know secret bird-loving Kowen just a little more.

Stay tuned for our next instalment of Getting to Know You!

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  • Kowen

    Hi Jo! It’s from here and I think a few other places stock it!

  • Jo

    Hi, I love your drink bottles and smoothie cups. But also love the dress Kowen is wearing in the recent cocktail photoshoot. Where is it from, if you don’t mind me asking. Thanks Jo

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