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Our best selling MontiiCo Lunch bags have had a refresh and they are back, with prints made to make lunchtimes look RADDER than ever!

Soggy sandwiches be gone, we’ve got Dinosaur, Unicorn and Mermaid on the case to keep lunches chilled while being the envy of the playground. 

Check out our brand new prints below! 

P.S All of our MontiiCo Insulated Lunch bags are machine washable and come with an Icepack included! SCORE!  


Lunchtimes won’t bore, they’ll be more like ROAR with this rad lunch bag. Kids around the globe will soon be hitting the playground with their Dinosaur lunch bags, sure to be making a stomp!


Prancing into the playground to make lunchtime as magical as can be. Our Unicorn lunch bag has been one of our best sellers, now with a little refresh, our new Unicorn print is sure to make Unicorn lovers squeal with glee!


Shimmer and sparkle - is that a Mermaid I see glistening in the sea? Bring Mermaids ashore with pretty lunches sure not to bore.


Perfectly Paired With

Want to step up your lunchbox game? Take lunches to the next level of ultimate fun! We’ve perfectly paired our MontiiCo lunch bags with these rad goodies to make sure lunches won’t bore.


Over the rainbow, a unicorn lover's match made! Match your Unicorn lunch bag Lunch Punch Unicorn cutters and pretty Lavender Mini Montii to make lunchtime wishes come true!


This one's wild, watch out! Keeping cool in the jungle - too easy! Is your little Dinosaur lover feeling a little wild with lunchtime hunger? Sleek and cool, this bundle will have hungry bellies filled in no time

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