Assembly + Care Guide


We hope you LOVE your new FUSION! Need some help putting it together? You are in the right place!

Check out all the info on FUSION assembly + care below.

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how to

assemble your fusion smoothie cup

1. Insert straw into Smoothie Lid

2. Attach lid to base (easy screw on)

3. Add your bumper, beverage of choice and go!

how to

assemble your fusion drink bottle

1. Attach straw to sipper valve (Sipper Lid only)

2. Attach lid to base (easy screw on)

3. Add your bumper, beverage of choice and go!

how to

change your lid strap

1. Firmly push the lid strap upwards to release the seal.

2. Pull the strap tab (it may be a bit tight, give it a wiggle to help release).

3. Continue to pull from above until the strap is completely removed.

4. To insert a strap, thread back through and pull strap tight, until seal is firmly in place.

replacement part video guides


+ All FUSION components are Dishwasher Safe, including our Universal Insulated Bases which use a special dishwasher safe paint.

+ Alternatively you can hand wash FUSION components in warm soapy water and leave to air dry.

+ We recommend storing your FUSION components open + separately to inhibit mould growth.

+ A selection of replacement parts are available on our website - just buy what you need, when you need it!

+ All FUSION components come with a 6 month warranty (from date of purchase).


Make your FUSION Universal Base work even harder with our Accessory Bundles - go from a drink bottle to a smoothie or coffee cup with a switch of a lid!

Go #matchymatchy or add a pop of colour with a contrasting bumper or lid strap that will keep your base looking fresh.