What Coffee Cup is for me?

September 22, 2020

Have you been wondering what’s the right Coffee Cup for you? I’m going to let you in on a little secret - I actually don’t drink coffee! [Mic drop!] BUT I do drink A LOT of tea...  And I also totally get the liquid goodness most people *need* to kick start the day!

So let’s face it keeping your morning brew’ steaming HOT -  it’s important!

If you’re a Mumma you’ve probably experienced making a hot cuppa  - and having it go cold before you reached the bottom #MumLife. We’re here to say NO MORE COLD COFFEE (or tea!).

The next question is obviously, what size is right for me?

Mega Montii Coffee Cup

The big sis’ of our Coffee Cup fam. No need to swipe right, you’re already a perfect match. Coffee or tea, no matter your morning brew, with her double-walled stainless steel, she'll keep your #startyourday tonic hot for hours. Bringing you that warmth and smile that only besties can bring! 

Why do we LOVE?

  • BIG 475ml capacity
  • Fits into your car drink holder (most standard cars)
  • Insulated double wall stainless steel – she’s tough and stays hot
  • 8 Hours HOT
  • Screw on lid, with a flip-top spout that locks tight #nospills in your handbag.

She’s great for:

  • Those who love LOTS of Coffee
  • Long Black
  • Tea
  • Hot water for baby bottles

Shop MontiiCo Mega Coffee Cup!

Regular Montii Coffee Cup

She might be regular in size, but she’s far from ordinary! Keepin' your morning beverage seriously hot (in more ways than one!) Bringing you your morning beverage steaming while you’re on the run.

Why do we LOVE?

  • 350ml capacity
  • Screw-on lid, with a flip-top spout that locks tight #nospills in your handbag
  • Fits into your car drink holder (most standard cars)
  • 8 Hours HOT
  • Screw-on lid, with a flip-top spout that locks tight #nospills in your handbag.

She’s great for:

  • Regular size cappuccino or flat white
  • Hot chocolate
  • Use as a cup only with the lid off
  • Matching with your Mini

Shop MontiiCo Regular Coffee Cup!

Mini Montii Coffee Cup

The cutest little guy in our coffee fam! Making the morning coffee run with Mum #MatchyMatchy, keeping warm on the inside but cool to touch! Babyccino in hand, watch out world here we come!

Why do we LOVE?

  • 150ml capacity
  • 4 Hours WARM
  • Pop on silicone lid, with a tight fit for #easysipping
  • Outside is cool to touch
  • Mix and match your lid and cup colour combo to suit your own style

She’s great for:

  • Babychinos
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Add a mini straw for sippin’ fun
  • Piccolo coffee (Mini Montii isn’t just for the kids!)
  • Matching with Mum (or Dad!)

Shop MontiiCo Mini Coffee Cup!

We’ve got the whole fam’ covered with their morning (or afternoon) brew’ of choice! No matter how you like your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. And if keeping seriously HOT wasn’t enough, she’s stylish and reusable (obviously!) Seriously, I think we’ve ticked ALL the boxes here?

The only choice you have to make now... What colour will you choose?

P.S Need to up the water intake because you're drinking a lot of coffee? Check out our blog post:

10 Top Tips for Drinking More Water 

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