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With the whole family at home at the moment, who else is finding themselves with a million {half-full} cups to collect from around the house each afternoon!? I swear there must be some extra people living here that I don’t know about - the washing up just doesn’t add up! 

Don’t even get me started on the condensation rings and spills on our school-from-home desk, the coffee table, and our… ermm… couch (ok that one was totally me!). 

The solution you’ve been looking for is simple! 

  • Fill up a drink bottle for each family member at the start of the day (mix and match bumpers and lids to get your perfect combo!) 
  • Pick a “drink bottle station” and that’s where they stay. For us it’s the kitchen bench which is nice and central! 

At the end of the day, that’s FOUR bottles to wash instead of one MILLION cups! No condensation, no spills–that’s a win in my books!

Ps. I actually love to use a  Smoothie Cup as my “bottle” for the day. I find I actually drink more when I use a straw - and it’s easier to sip and work - because you know sometimes tipping up a bottle is just too hard. 

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