Five 10 Minute Brain Break Ideas For The Whole Family


Sound familiar? It’s 8am, kids have been up since 5.30am and are already fighting, emails are flooding in, the house is a mess...(not just my house right?!) Or maybe, you need a quick reset button for the whole family to change up the mood! Just for something different. 

We’ve got five 10 minute brain break ideas for the whole family...(yep, hubby too!)

1.  Water the plants!

(Ah - yes it’s a job but did you know it’s fun!) Try different things to mix it up, we use a spray bottle for the inside plants. Count the sprays, or measure the amount of water in a measuring jug for added learning bonus points! Who can water the most plants first? For those outside plants, you might-as-well make it a water flight while you’re at it! (Disclaimer: water fights are fun, this could turn into longer than 10mins.) 

2. Quick card game!

My boys are four and six and we are loving UNO at the moment! It’s great for some quick family fun. We have a whiteboard on the fridge and write up the current UNO champion. The champion gets special privileges like “control of the remote” You could also try Go Fish and Snap too!

P.S Check out these fun PERSONALISED card holders from Willow Print Co to make card games with little people a whole lot easier! 


3. Picnic Snack!

Let’s face it - it’s always snack time. Why not make an event out of it, pull out the picnic rug and head into the backyard with a snack platter! We love our Bento Two's for picnic days, compact and lightweight - what more could you want?

4. Dance it out!

We love GO Noodle for fun quick dances that the whole family can do. Also, you should definitely video hubby doing his best moves and tag us so we can giggle - I mean encourage those ace moves!

5. Get moving!

Everyone knows that moving your body is great for the mind and physically, but it doesn’t need to be long or super-intensive to make a difference (yes, my kind of work out!)

    • Go for a walk, scoot or ride around the block. (Although be warned with this one, my kids can take 10 mins just to get their shoes on - maybe that is a fun activity in itself!)
    • Check the mail; can you lunge, hop, run there and back? Stick something fun for them to do in the mailbox - like a colouring-in page you downloaded, or an activity sheet!
    • Grab a couple of dice and take it in turns to roll. What it lands on is how many hops/skips/squats you have to do! Bonus points, if you have a few dice you sneak in a little bit of maths - add the dice together and get hopping!
    • I’m loving this deck of cards workout from The Active Truth (you don't have to do the whole deck!). It’s quick, fun and motivating!

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