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I am SO proud to show you the making of our epic FUSION Range! Something that feels like it’s been years in the making! From years of research, development and customer feedback we’ve made tiny tweaks to every element of our bottles and cups. From there, we have come up with our dream product - a system where one cup can literally do it all! 


Creating new bottles and cups in-house enables us to incorporate your feedback - which we love! So follow along, as we show you a bit of the behind the scenes of making The FUSION Range…

It begins with designing renders of bases, lids, straws and bumpers, stickers, packaging...the list just goes on and on! Kowen and Teagan from our product development team (aka the dream team!) spent most of last year making tiny tweaks to every single element behind the scenes.

Next up was the fun part - colours! We took inspiration from nature - a little bit of sun, sand, surf, lakes and forests. It was SUPER hard to narrow all these colours down into our core FUSION colours but I think the team nailed it! These were then sent out to manufacture for samples! We even got 3D printed lids to make sure they were the right design before we got the real ones.

Next up: photoshoots - which are always super fun! Here's Kowen behind the scenes with Ness testing the lighting on her camera at the stunning Kotahi House. This is where we had our first shoot with The FUSION range samples - that lid is actually a 3D print, could you tell? 

Now you've seen the behind the scenes, here's a little run down of some of the features of FUSION and the why we made this massive change!

The multi-purpose idea of The FUSION Range actually came from you guys! I’ve had people message me over the years and say it feels like a waste to purchase a bottle with an Original Bamboo Lid on it, to then end up buying a different lid to suit them better. 

FUSION is the ultimate multi-purpose solution, with a simple switch of a lid you really can have it all! We made the new lids interchangeable across all sizes and colours of base. So now you can completely customise your Montii - from colour and size to lid and accessories.

Your Montii FUSION base can be a coffee cup, smoothie cup AND drink bottle. FUSION gives you the freedom to choose exactly what you want, so that no parts go to waste. Just purchase the parts when you need them, as you need them!

We are SO excited to hear which colours, sizes and styles of the FUSION Range you choose! Let us know what colours you'd like us to make next, and click here for more info on the range!

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