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As your kids start to settle into school and their appetites grow, it’s a good idea to look for lunchboxes with more capacity and the ability to pack bigger whole foods. Our top picks for primary school kids are our Bento Three or Bento Five.

Though the Bento Three and Five boxes look the same on the outside and are the same size, they have different configurations inside!

The individually sealed, leakproof* compartments of our Bento Boxes allow you to pack sandwiches, fruit, veggies, crackers and yogurt side by side without the risk of spills. Our Bento Boxes are airtight, so you can pack lunches the night before, or even a couple of days in advance!

packing extra snacks

If you find your kids are needing extra snacks, a snack box or Food Jar are a great way to pack some extra!


We designed all our reusables knowing that accidents happen and kids can be rough with their things:

Pop a coloured bumper on our water bottles for extra protection against drops, rubs and scuffs. 

You can purchase replacement lids and straws for your bottles without having to purchase a whole new water bottle - buy a few at a time for peace of mind! 

Messy eater? No worries - our lunch bags are machine washable for no-fuss cleaning!


Are your kids bored of sandwiches? We’ve all been there! Our Insulated Food Jars are a great way to pack more variety and get out of a sandwich rut. They fit easily inside our Large Lunch Bags with a smaller lunchbox, like a Bento Two, if you need to keep everything together.


It's a good idea to make a plan with your child for their backpack. Work out which pockets and compartments work best for what items - decide where things like homework will go once it's finished, or where to keep parent notes from their teacher.

This will help them to pack their own backpack independently - which can be done the night before. You could also double check pockets each day for things they've missed - like uneaten snacks or soggy bits of paper.

our top product picks for primary school


Our strong & durable MontiiCo Insulated Lunch Bags come in 3 different sizes and a range of fun prints for kids. 

If your child's appetite is on the smaller side or if they are new to having a packed lunch we recommend our Medium Lunch Bag. If your child has a larger appetite we recommend our Large Lunch Bag, which holds most popular bento boxes and still has space for extra snacks.

Why our Lunch Bags are the best:

  • Wipe clean and machine washable for no-fuss cleaning!
  • Durable fabrics - they passed the rough + tumble test with flying colours.
  • Thick insulation & aluminium lining to keep contents cooler + fresher for longer.
  • Comes with a self-contained gel ice pack and separate ice pack pocket. No condensation means no soggy food!
  • Made to last with a 6 month warranty.


We perfected our Backpacks for over a year to make sure they're the perfect fit.

What makes our Backpacks so awesome?

  • 3 spacious compartments, each with a 2 way zip closure.
  • 2 large side pockets which means extra support for tall bottles, and a padded inside pocket perfect for a laptop or tablet!
  • Sewn in name label and handy carabiner attachment in front compartment.
  • Made from the same high quality machine washable and water resistant fabric as our Lunch Bags!
  • Super comfy padded back and shoulder straps, which are adjustable for the perfect fit.
  • Made from durable, long-lasting materials with a strong, tear resistant and wipe clean PVC bottom.

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Food Jars

Boring lunches be gone! Our Insulated Food Jars keep warm food toasty and cold food chilled, so you can pack more than just sandwiches. Think hearty soup and mac and cheese in winter, and overnight oats and crisp salads in summer!

drink bottles

Our Fusion Drink Bottles are the perfect bottle for school - throw in a couple of ice cubes in the morning and water stays chilled all day! Add a Sipper lid for kids that prefer to sip, or switch to a Flask or Stainless Steel lid for gulping on the go! Plus, there’s no need to buy a new bottle every time they get bored - switch up their bottle regularly with our different coloured bumpers and lids to suit their style!

drink bottles for every thirst

PRE-ORDER 1L Drink Bottle Sipper - Camellia
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1L Drink Bottle Stainless Steel - Blizzard
1L Drink Bottle Stainless Steel - Midnight
700ml Drink Bottle Screw Top - Calypso
700ml Drink Bottle Screw Top - Dune

zip up pouches

By now your kids might have discovered the magic of tuck shop! Our handy Zip Up Pouches are perfect for keeping coins for tuck shop treats, keys and other loose items like bandaids and hair ties. They're the perfect size to fit easily inside your children's Backpack, Lunch Bag or Book Bag!

bundle up & save

Now that you know what you need, why not save yourself some cash and buy it in a bundle? Get School Ready with just one click, with our favourite #matchymatchy value bundles!


Need some help choosing a Lunch Bag? Check out our handy guide!

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No more lunch packing stress! Our handy size guide will help you choose the right fit.

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