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Practice Makes Perfect

Practicing at home before the start of the school year is a great way to spot any unforeseen issues with your lunch box or bag, and anything you plan to pack inside!

If you’ll be packing any pre-packaged foods it’s a good idea to have your little ones practice opening these themselves. Of course there will be teachers on hand to help but there’s often lots of children to help in a short 10-15 min window! Squeeze yoghurts in particular may need to be ‘cracked’ first, so that your kids can get into them.

bite sized is best

Often your little ones will eat less at school than they would at home - but be starving after school (doh!). Most schools have 10-15min meal breaks and then it’s play time, so make sure that you’ve packed easy to eat, bite sized foods. We love using the Lunch Punch Puzzle Cutters to create the perfect bite sized sandwiches.

Easy lunchboxes

Make sure you choose a lunch box that's easy for your little ones to open and close by themselves, like our leakproof Bento Boxes.

Remember there are usually at least two meal breaks, so if they haven’t yet learnt to save some lunch for their second break it could be easier to pack two lunchboxes - one for each break. Our Bento Two Lunch Box makes a great snack box for morning break.

Use our handy Lunch Box Size Guide to compare our Bento Boxes to find the right size for your child.


Munch & Crunch, Crunch & Sip, Brain Break, whatever your school calls it, this is a scheduled healthy snack break. There are often rules about what can and can’t be packed so check with your school about their requirements.

Sometimes Munch & Crunch will need to be packed outside of the school bag and kept in a special spot within the classroom.

When that’s the case, we recommend our Medium Insulated Lunch Bag, which fits most popular Snack Boxes and comes with an ice pack included to keep everything cold.

You can see which lunch boxes fit inside our Medium and Large Lunch Bags in our Lunch Bag Size Guide.

Know Your bag

Starting Kindy or Prep comes with a lot of firsts, like trying to figure out which school bag is yours! We've made it easy by adding a name label and handy carabiner attachment inside our Backpacks but you could also add a chunky keyring or another easy to identify item to the outside of their backpack.

Be sure to practice putting things like a hat or lunch bag in and out of their backpack a few times before school begins, so your child is familiar with what goes where in their backpack and is able to easily grab (and return!) what they need.

our top product picks for kindy & prep


Our strong & durable MontiiCo Insulated Lunch Bags come in a range of sizes and fun prints for little ones.

For those just starting Kindy or Prep, we recommend a Medium Lunch Bag. More lightweight than our Large Lunch Bags, these are perfect for packing just a single lunch box, or snack boxes. Check out what lunch boxes fit in each size of our Lunch Bags here.

Why our Lunch Bags are the best:
-Wipe clean and machine washable for no-fuss cleaning!
-Durable fabrics - they passed the rough + tumble test with flying colours.
-Thick insulation & aluminium lining to keep contents cooler + fresher for longer.
-Comes with a self-contained gel ice pack and separate ice pack pocket. No condensation means no soggy food!
-Made to last with a 6 month warranty


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Bento Two Snack Box - Endless Summer
Regular price $31.95 Sale price$19.17
Bento Two Snack Box - Dinosaur Land
Bento Two Snack Box - Unicorn Magic
Bento Two Snack Box - Confetti
Regular price $31.95 Sale price$19.17


Fussy eating is common in toddlers, preschoolers and beyond so you may need a helping hand to tempt them to eat their lunch. Try out our range of fun lunch box accessories to brighten up lunches and make food more fun!


We perfected our Backpacks for over a year to make sure they're the perfect fit.

What makes our Backpacks so awesome?

- 3 spacious compartments, each with a 2 way zip closure.
- 2 large side pockets which means extra support for tall bottles, and a padded inside pocket perfect for a laptop or tablet!
- Sewn in name label and handy carabiner attachment in front compartment.
- Made from the same high quality machine washable and water resistant fabric as our Lunch Bags!
-Super comfy padded back and shoulder straps, which are adjustable for the perfect fit.
- Made from durable, long-lasting materials with a strong, tear resistant and wipe clean PVC bottom.


We all know kids love to collect little treasures to bring home. Keep them safe in one of our Silicone Zip Up Pouches that fit perfectly into our Backpacks!


It’s a good idea to check with the school if the kids have access to refill their water bottle. If they can and are able to, then our 350ml or 475ml Bottles are the perfect size. Pair with our chew-proof Sipper & Straw lid for easy drinking on the go! Otherwise, if they’ll need water to last the whole day we recommend our 700ml plus Sipper & Straw Lid, which will keep water cool all day! 

Don’t forget to add one of our coloured bumpers to their bottle for extra protection against drops, rubs and scuffs.


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Pencil Case - Confetti
Regular price $12.95 Sale price$7.77
Pencil Case - Dinosaur Land
Pencil Case - Galactic
Regular price $12.95 Sale price$7.77
Pencil Case - Game On

bundle up & save

Now that you know what you need, why not save yourself some cash and buy it in a bundle? Get School Ready with just one click, with our favourite #matchymatchy value bundles!


Heads up - school is tiring, so your kids might want to sleep later than they normally would. Maybe your little one struggles to eat first thing after they wake up.

Whip up a smoothie to share for a quick and easy breakfast - our Smoothie cups are perfect to take on the go for mess free breakfast in the car!


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Sticker Set - Confetti
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Sticker Set - Dinosaur Land
Regular price $8.95 Sale price$3.00
Sticker Set - Galactic *Clearance*
Regular price $8.95 Sale price$3.00
Sticker Set - Game On
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Need some help choosing a Lunch Bag? Check out our handy guide!

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Bento Lunch Box size guide

No more lunch packing stress! Our handy size guide will help you choose the right fit.

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