What the Montii Crew really want for Mother's Day

They're always the hardest to shop for, but the ones that deserve to be spoilt the most - MUMS! 

We asked the Mums here at Montii to be real with us when we asked 'What do Mums really want for Mother's Day?' to give you some ideas!

Here's what they requested!


I would love a day out with the family where my kids don't fight, but it's probably more realistic to ask for a sleep-in and a nice necklace. I want something a bit statement-ish, and a bit longer so that it looks cool over t-shirts. Like this one from YCL jewels

YCL Jewels Necklace 


I'd be happy with some more plants to add to my collection, or one of these cool Storm Glass weather predictors!

Storm Glass



I'd love for someone to come over and spring clean my house...who has time for that?! But I'd also settle for a new pair of Ray Bans! 


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