What makes Montii Lunch Bags so great?


We don't mean to toot our own horn, but we think our Insulated Lunch Bags are the best lunch bags around. 

We say that with confidence after testing, testing and more testing! We spent our sweet time perfecting our Lunch Bags before releasing them, making little tweaks and adding final touches. We still continue to test them EVERY DAY when our kids take them to school and we take them to work. 

Our strong & durable MontiiCo Insulated Lunch Bags come in a range of fun prints and sizes, for younger to older kids (and grown ups!).

Here's what makes our Lunch Bags so rad:

  • They're wipe clean and machine washable for no-fuss cleaning! Check out our Instagram to see how easy it is to put them through the washing machine!
  • Our Lunch Bags are now available in 2 different sizes - Medium and Large. From Kindy to High School, we have a bag suited to all ages. 
  • All of our Lunch Bags come with a self-contained ice pack which has been independently certified “food safe”. A MontiiCo cult favourite product - we've sold over 100,000 ice packs and they continue to sell out over and over again! With up to 8 hours of cooling, they're made to handle the heat! Each ice pack comes in its own cosy black cover and fits like a dream in our cool bags, in a separate ice pack pocket. No condensation means no soggy food!

  • Our bags are made from strong, durable fabrics. They passed the rough and tumble test with flying colours so you don't need to worry about it getting dropped or knocked around the playground. 

  • Our Lunch Bags have a thick insulation & double aluminium lining to keep contents cooler and fresher for longer, even if you do forget the ice pack!  

  • We know you love #matchymatchy just as much as we do - so we use the same colours of our drink bottles throughout our lunch bag designs so that you can mix & match bottles, bumpers and lids with your lunch bag to your heart's content. Some of our lunch bags even have a matching backpack available!
  • We use long-lasting materials to ensure a consistent high level of quality, which gives our lunch bags a 6 month warranty. 


  • Our Montii Lunch Bags are designed to fit (nearly!) every popular Lunch Box. We’ve created a helpful guide to help you choose the perfect lunch box!

We tried and tested some of the most popular lunch boxes out there to see what fits with Montii and what doesn’t - Check it out here! 

We reckon our lunch bags are the best - but don't just take our word for it, check out some of these reviews!

"I didn't understand the hype around these lunch bags. Aren't all lunch bags the same? No. No they are not! The separate compartment for the ice brick is brilliant. It's a larger size than most, meaning a full sized lunchbox and additional container fits in easily. The front zip is a great place to pop an extra snack too. And then there's the ice brick. Ah-MAZING. Stays frozen all day, even in the humid, hot Queensland weather. I often rave about these and could not recommend more highly. Brilliant lunch bag" - Dan

"This is our second year purchasing MontiCo insulated lunch bags for school and we can’t fault. We love the designs, and durability. We love being able to wash the bags so they stay nice and clean the whole year and we are amazed at how well the icepack holds up in the NSW heat" - Mel C

"This product is prefect for kids and adults. Each member of our family has one. everything stays cool and fresh. So easy for the little kids to carry and open and close on their own. I love how it can fit many different style lunchboxes/containers" - Lan

Are you a fan of our Lunch Bags? Let us know why!

Steph and the crew

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