How to Nail Your Next Product Photoshoot!

 Yeah ok, so we aren’t professional photoshooters! But after a few shoots under our belts, we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way. So we thought we’d be kind enough to share how we ran out last (pretty successful) new product photoshoot!

Before the photoshoot

First up, we hired an amazing location! We knew Bilinga Beach Abobe here on the Gold Coast would be perfect! The house provided lots of variety for different backdrops, including inside and out, pool shots, kitchen even a skate ramp! #OnBrand

It is also really bright and open, which is perfect for natural lighting.

Calling all Montii fans!! Next, we did a shout out on our socials for some locals to join us for the shoot! We were overwhelmed with the response, it was SO amazing to meet with our loyal customers and also a great chance to include some diversity in our photos. A personal goal here for us this year!

We asked our models to wear neutral casual clothing (fitting in with our brand) Bright, busy patterns can take the eye away from the product - we want the products to SHINE! 

We broke the day into three separate shoots so we could have three different groups during the day! With two photographers on hand - our in house amazing Kowen as well as Mel Dixon this meant our groups could rotate between inside and outside.

By far the best tip was our Photo Run Sheet! Which included the list of products that we needed to shoot as well as the different photos we wanted to make sure we got.

On the day of the photoshoot

Snacks, all the snacks! Seriously though, we preordered three separate platters which meant everyone was well fed throughout the day. We used Gold Coast Grazing Boxes here on the Gold Coast and their Platters were amazing! Jam-packed with lots of delicious goodies.

We were lucky enough to have all hands on deck from our team! Which meant we could have our photographer + an assistant with each group. This meant our amazing photographers could do-their-thang while the assistant stayed on top of the run sheet and swapping products in and out!

While we LOVE the peeps, the main focus is on the product! So having an assistant on hand meant, logos can be turned to the front and the products are made to be looking FINE!

We had a thank you box for each of our amazing models on the day! Because honestly, SO grateful! This meant they could take home their very own slice of Montii goodness on the day. (And hey, if they happened to take a snap and post to their socials - that’s a bonus too right!)

After the Photoshoot

After the fun, the editing begins! We use Adobe Lightroom to edit, we try and keep editing at a minimum to keep the products true to colour (which is super important for product photography). Using it is just bumping up the exposure, adjusting the contrast and highlights a smidge - very minor adjustments like that!

We then export the images in both high-resolution, to be used in banners and advertising as well as low resolution for website and socials.

We also emailed each client gallery to our amazing models from the day! They were welcome to download the photos and use as they please, amazing most shared on their own socials too! #SpreadTheLove

That just about sums up how we ran our last successful (well, we thought as much!) photoshoot. Hope a few of these tips and tricks might help you too!

If you’d like to see some of the shots from the day, check out our Instagram

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