Tall, Dark and Handsome Set

He might look mysterious, but he's sleek and stylish! He'll bring out the twinkle in your eye.

This set includes: 

1 x MontiiCo Original Drink Bottle - Black
1 x MontiiCo Mega Coffee Cup - Black
1 x MontiiCo Original Bumper - Cloudy Grey

Product Description

MontiiCo Mega Coffee Cup - Black

Order up, long black. She’s your fuel to start the day off right. Don’t mess with this lady, she’s steaming hot.

Meet Mega Montii, the big sis’ of the fam, she’s prepped and ready to be your bestie! No need to swipe right, you’re already a perfect match. Fill her up with your #startyourday tonic and she will keep it hot for hours.Bringing you that warmth and smile that only besties can bring!

MontiiCo Original Drink Bottle - Black

Meet Black Montii
Dark and mysterious, sounds like you’re his perfect match. Quick #SwipeRight. He’ll be snatched up before your eyes.

Meet Mr Montii, he’s for stylish + adventurous types who like to hang in cool company. Feed his mouth chunky ice cubes and his double wall insulation will keep them frosty all day. His eco-friendly bamboo lid with water-tight seal is da bomb-diggity!

MontiiCo Bumper - Cloudy Grey

Drink up and touch down with a soft landing. Our Bumpers gives your Montii Bottle a cheeky edge.

Slip a Bumper on your Montii Bottle base for a soft landing on hard surfaces. The durable silicone material gives our bottle extra protection against drops, rubs and scuffs. Keeping your Montii Bottle as rad as the day you bought it. Pick up the same Bumper colour as your bottle, or mix and match to put a spin on your usual style – it’s a world of play!
Fits all MontiiCo Original and Mini bottles.

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Husband's birthday present

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