Babe + Me Rosy Set



The best way to start the day? Matchin' with your mini me!

This set includes: 

1 x MontiiCo Original Drink Bottle - Rose
1 x MontiiCo Mini Smoothie Cup - Dusty Pink 

1 x MontiiCo Mini Drink Bottle - Dusty Pink
1 x MontiiCo Original Smoothie - Rose

Product Description

MontiiCo Mini Smoothie Cup - Dusty Pink

Meet Mini Smoothie Dusty Pink

She sure looks sweet as can be, but don’t be fooled by her sweet nature. She’s got all that sass underneath.

Meet Mini Smoothie, she may look sweet but she'll pack some punch! Perfect for our little loves, she has all the sweetness of Mrs Smoothie we've just gone mini! Load her up with your kid's favourite smoothie, milkshake or juice - ah matchy matchy with Mum - that's stylin'.

Stainless steel body means she'll keep your drink cool while you run out the door!

MontiiCo Mini Drink Bottle - Dusty Pink

Meet Dusty Pink Montii

Sweet like candy, refreshing those blushed cheeks in one swift sip.

Mini Montii is the perfect playmate for those little hands that like to pick up and go. He’s got all the coolness of Mr Montii, we’ve just swapped the top for an easy-sip lid to keep your ragamuffins feeling fresh and your bag looking rad. *Sipper Lid included with Mini Bottle. For tip and sip! Straw not included.

MontiiCo Original Smoothie Cup - Rose

Meet Original Smoothie Rose

Straight from the wild, she might look sharp but she’s as cool as they come. Fill her up with your poison of choice.

Meet Mrs Smoothie, she’s irresistibly sweet on the eye – but don’t confuse her cuteness for softness, she’s as hard as they come. When you step out holding her insulated steel body there’s no worry of smashing or spilling a drop, she’ll keep your liquid cool all day. Fill her up with whatever your kids fancy – smoothies, juice, infused water, milkshakes and more! She also makes a mean iced coffee coz kids don’t get to have all the fun.

MontiiCo Original Bottle - Rose

Beauty is no feat, this guy is capturing the hearts of all the ladies. We can see why with that sweet rosy colouring and icy cool touch.

Meet Mr Montii, he’s for stylish + adventurous types who like to hang in cool company. Feed his mouth chunky ice cubes and his double wall insulation will keep them frosty all day. His eco-friendly bamboo lid with water-tight seal is da bomb-diggity!

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