MontiiCo Pack & Snack Bags FAQ

What is the size of the MontiiCo Pack and Snack?

They are 400ml capacity and 16cm wide x 12cm high.

Are they food safe?

Yes! They are made from a BPA free, non-toxic, Pure 100% Platinum food-grade silicone.

Are the Pack & Snack Bags airtight?

Yes! They have a firm close - simply press together to seal.

How do I close the Pack & Snack Bags?

When you close the Pack & Snack Bag make sure that you squeeze as much air out as possible (the same as you would with a zip lock bag) and press firmly to close the whole way around. As it's a silicone seal, it's larger than a normal zip lock and needs a bit more pressure to close properly. Make sure there's no food in the seal. 

Are they dishwasher, microwave-safe?

Yes! Super practical. Our Pack and Snack Bags are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe!

It’s important to note however that silicone is a porous material, and when placing them in the dishwasher ensure any dishes containing tomato / curry or bring coloured dyes are rinsed clean to avoid staining.
How do I get food stains of my Pack & Snack Bags?

Staining will not affect the use or safety of your snack bag and the food stains generally fade over time and eventually disappear. Placing the bags in direct sunlight, using a bicarbonate paste, or running them through several wash cycles will speed up this process.