MontiiCo Beach Towel + Bag FAQ

What size are the towels? 

Our towels are 160cm x 80cm

The water resistant carry bag is 34cm x 24cm

How much do the towel and bag sets weigh? 

They’re super light weight - only 620g! The dry towel alone weighs just 500g! 

Is there room for more than just the towel inside the bag?

While the towel is dry, you can fit some little extras in there alongside it. If you plan to pop some wet swimmers in there you’ll need to carry the towel outside the bag. 

Are the towels double sided?

Yep! Each towel has a different pattern on the reverse side in complementary shades!

Is the carry bag waterproof?

The store & carry bag is made from the same water resistant, wipe clean material as our Lunch Bags. The inside has a water-resistant PVC lining. 

How do I wash my towel and bag set?

Our towel and bag sets are machine washable - so it couldn’t be easier to keep them clean! They’re a little shy and need to be washed separately from your other laundry, in cold water, on a gentle, longer cycle. Fast cycles tend to have a vigorous spin which can damage them. 

Normal detergent is fine, but please don’t put in any fabric softeners or stain removal products as this may discolour your towel and wet bag. Do not bleach, soak or iron. 

We do not recommend putting your towel in the dryer - simply hang ‘em on the line and they’ll dry in no time! We recommend rinsing immediately after swimming in pools.

What is the difference between a normal beach towel and the MontiiCo sand free towel?

Our sand free towels are made from very small, synthetic fibers. Each fiber is thinner than a thread of silk. The fibers are woven together to form a unique, absorbent structure which means they can hold up to 1 litre of water! This microfiber material is low-pile, so it doesn't hold small particles i.e sand! Get rid of stubborn sand with a quick shake before it gets inside your car and home! 

Is the bag food safe?

The bag is lined with PVC, so they are not food safe.