What do the Montii Crew hope Santa will bring this year?

What do the Montii Crew hope Santa will bring this year? Well, one of us is still waiting for the same gift we requested for Mother's Day - ha! 

If you're one of those people that's great at buying gifts for others, but you're always stumped for things to put on your own list for Christmas - here's some ideas! 

Don't forget to check out our in depth Holiday Gift Guide - packed full of Montii gifts and some suggestions from some of our fave small businesses! 



Well, I've had a word with Santa about the dates I'm free for a stay at The Calile Hotel in Brisbane because that's on my bucket list! But I would also really love a pair of these clever tights from Run Faster - you can choose what length you want from 7 different options! 

run faster tights


I walked past Pandora the other day and this stunning sparkler caught my eye! Please Santa - I've been very nice! 

pandora ring


I've been looking for the perfect beach umbrella as I spend heaps of time with my family by the beach in Summer and I wanted some shade for my little boy. I love this print from Pillow Talk

pillow talk beach umbrella


I love a sentimental gift, so I'm asking for one of these customised rings from Made By Mary, with my little boy's name on it.

made by mary ring


Steeny's still waiting for the Storm Glass weather predictor that she asked for for Mother's Day. We're putting in a good word with Santa. 

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