The Adventures of MontiiCo Smoothie Cups!

One thing I wasn’t prepared for going into business was the curve balls we are thrown. Maybe I was naive, maybe no one expects to be thrown every possible curve ball possible (in a very short amount of time) but heading into business, I honestly thought “how hard could it be!”.

2020, you got me. You sure showed me just how hard it can be! But in the same breath, you also showed me how amazing our community is that surrounds our brand and for this, I’m forever grateful. Delay after delay, unbelievable stories (trust me, I hardly believe them too!) our team, customers, stockists and loyal fans have supported us - cheered us on and sent messages upon messages of support. Our team, that has picked up the pieces, had a good giggle and carried on with what we have been given without a single complaint. Geez, without all of this support I’d be seriously rocking in a corner right now.

So here’s the little story, of the Montii Smoothie Cups that could... That persevered through all of the obstacles to make it (hopefully - finally - one day soon!)

Corona Virus

Like many, our manufacturing which was planned for early this year was delayed while factories were closed and staff were quarantined. This was just the beginning of a long journey...

First up a fire...

Yep, you heard right. Our factory had a fire, which delayed manufacturing while they remade our Smoothie Cup lids.

A delay for our customers and stockists, but that’s ok we can handle this! Our Smoothie Cups are remade and on their way.

Oh, wait, containers off the edge of the ship?

Honestly, when I received the phone call that our containers were on the ship that had at least 40 containers fall off it with a further 71 containers damaged, what do I do? I laughed, because at this point seriously what else could I do!?

We were due to open pre-orders in three days of this phone call, our release had already started! “Get your Smoothie Cups, from the bottom of the ocean” could that be our new marketing plan!?











The new plan...

We adapt, we regather and we keep going! We’ve had confirmation our containers are not at the bottom of the ocean (YAY!). However, at this stage, we are still waiting for confirmation on the damage to our container. We have continued with our release of our BRAND NEW Regular and Mini Coffee Cups (SO, excited for these!!)

All going well (fingers crossed) the ship still needs to be assessed, repacked, head down to Melbourne and Sydney (pre-planned drop off points) before making its way back to the Brisbane port. Estimated 17th June!!

So it’s been a trip!

We have decided not to open pre-orders for this shipment, I physically want to inspect the stock before we open orders. I think it’s fair to say, these guys have been on a trip (and then some!) and I want to be 100% sure our quality is at its normal high standard.


So hang on tight! The wait is almost over and when they finally get here (and are safe!) our loyal loyal crew will be the first to hear!

P.S Looking to up your Smoothie game? Check out our blog post:

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