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 We're all about that matchy matchy life here at MontiiCo. We design our products to look awesome, with unique prints that are always #instaworthy. One of the best bits about designing our own prints is that we can mix and match all of our Montii products to create heaps of cool combos! 

Each one of our perfectly paired bundles has been discounted to save you money without skimping on style! We have over 40 matching sets so there's something to suit everyone, you can check them all out here!

Ultimate Dawn Bottle Bundle

Every day we get questions about which colour bumper or lid goes best with your bottle - and we know it's a tough decision to make! That's why we put together these gorgeous Ultimate Drink Bottle Bundles to help you choose!

Treat yourself to our Ultimate Bottle Bundle. Whether you can’t decide between lids, or you want to switch up your bumper colours, this Ultimate bundle gives you that little bit extra.

Lunch Box Mega Bundle - Blueberry

Can't decide which size lunch box to get? Or maybe you're shopping for the whole fam'. 


This set has a size for every day and every appetite, plus everything you need to pack the most variety. All at a discounted price! Sounds like a no brainer to us. 

Medium Snack Box Bundle - Pixels

You guys loved our Mini Snack Box Bundles so much that we’ve created a Medium size!

The perfect size for prep, children who prefer variety or fussy eaters! Everything you need to pack a fun filled lunch, at a super sale price! Stock of these is limited so don’t wait to shop!

Cooler Bag, Shopper Bags and Bottle Set - Paradise
This matching set is the pick of the bunch! Add a touch of style to your everyday life with our Paradise Cooler Bag, paired with matching Shopper bags and Original Bottle.

Whether you can’t decide between lids, or you want to switch up your bumper colours, this Matching Set gives you that little bit extra.

Bento Three Fun Bundle - Dinosaur
Ready to pack an epic Lunch? 

Create fun, easy lunches in minutes with our Bento Three Lunch Box, Sandwich Cutter Set and Silicone Bento Cups!


Head to our Instagram to see more bottle and bag combos, or to our Bundles page to shop all!

Is there a combo you'd love to see as a bundle? Let us know! 


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