MontiiCo Holiday Gift Ideas - For Tweens & Teens

Tweens and Teens

It can be hard to shop for teens and pre-teens when what's 'cool' changes as often as the weather in Melbourne. We put together a list of certified cool gift ideas, full of Montii gifts they'll love plus some goodies from some of our favourite small businesses!  

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Hearts lunch bag

MontiiCo Large Insulated Lunch Bag - Hearts

This pretty print is sure to steal her heart! Understated and simple, this is our most 'grown up' lunch bag design that she'll be proud to show off at school! 

Jewellery Box

Strachan Creative - Personalised Jewellery Box 

Keep all her perfect little jewels safely in one place in her very own, personalised Jewellery Box. Complete with a 'you are beautiful' message etched on the mirror inside - a special and heartfelt keepsake.

Kiwi Drink Bottle

MontiiCo Original Drink Bottle - Kiwi

Plastic drink bottles? No thanks! Saving the planet is in, and our stainless steel insulated bottles are as cool as they come! Available in 9 different colours - choose their favourite and watch it become their new favourite accessory. The best bit? When they want a change you can mix it up with different colour bumpers and lids


Hurley Burley Toys - Speks

The devil makes work for idle hands - keep them busy with these magical ball bearings in funky colours and patterns! Made from rare earth elements, one minute they’re just ball bearings and the next they’re magnets! 

Grape Smoothie Cup

MontiiCo Original Smoothie Cup - Grape

Tweenagers just love to feel all grown up with their own iced 'coffee'. Make them a decaf version (don't forget the whipped cream!) in their very own smoothie cup that'll look cool and keep cold for hours!  

Kids Journal

Truly Amor - Kids Growth Mindset Journal

Designed for kids aged 6 - 13 and packed with games, positive quotes and affirmations, that will help them feel empowered and confident. This journal is made to last a lifetime, and will be something they'll cherish forever!

gamer stand
The perfect gift for any gamer to proudly display their controllers (and headset!). Pair with one of our Pixels lunch bags for major #CoolMum points! 
pip and co scrunchies
These three beautiful satin scrunchies are the perfect way for her to express her style and the pack comes with a stylish pine stand so there's a special spot to keep them tidy!  
Combat bag

Camo is always cool, but we've given it a more grown up look with these sleek monochrome colours! Tweens hate to stand out from the crowd, so they'll be happy with this subtle print that pairs perfectly with our Chrome and Coal range of drink bottles and cups.

If you're looking for two or more MontiiCo products bundled together, check out our matching gift sets here!

We hope you found the perfect gift! 



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