Monochrome on a mission!

By now you would have seen all of the new goodies we've just released as part of our Monochrome and People's Choice release! You might be wondering how we ended up with this rather eclectic mix of new products - so here’s the back story of our latest drop - it's been a bit of a rollercoaster, but it's so very close to arriving at Montii HQ!


Cast your mind back to early June - we'd just released our brand new Fruity Pop Collection and our marketing team were hard at work planning our Father's Day promotions!

What did we reckon Dad's would love? MEGA Coffee, a cool lunch bag print and a range of classic Montii products in sleek, subtle colours to match. And so, our monochrome range was born! We bravely ordered our biggest shipment of products EVER - packed full of monochrome as well as a restock of all our existing Fruity Pop bottles and cups.

Woohoooo! We're ready for Father's Day and getting all organised for spring and summer! Or so we thought.

Unfortunately at the end of July, just when our shipment was packed and ready to go, there was a case of COVID reported and the port went into lockdown. Indefinitely. 

All of our stock was locked down and we had no idea when the port would re-open or how long it would take for our container to get loaded on to a boat. Time to re-think that Father's Day release!

We had another order already in the works for a fun and fruity release packed full of new colour pop lids and highly requested new Fruity Pop bottles and cups. Could that work?

pineapple mega 

Next minute...a typhoon. Nope, not kidding! A typhoon hit just a few days later, and suspended all transport and evacuating dozens of ships on the water near the port.  

Understandably, it took days for us to receive an update on the whereabouts of our containers. We tried to remain calm, picturing our stock floating around the ocean unattended, crossing our fingers...

colour pop lids

Fast forward to the end of September and yep - we missed that Father's Day release. But, we've gotten pretty good at adapting to these kind of circumstances during these uncertain times!

We've shuffled and reshuffled these release dates more times than you can shake a stick at. Some of this stock is fashionably late, and some of these new goodies actually ended up arriving on time (we got news that 4 of our containers ended up shipping in the same week...LOL)

So, we've ended up with what looks like a bit of a mish-mash mix of products but we hope that means there's something for everyone! 

Hearts and Cherry Mini

The good news is that the wait is almost over and when they finally get here we're ready to get them out to you ASAP!

If we can share one little piece of advice we've learned from this experience, it's to be extra organised with your Christmas shopping this year! We're definitely not the only small biz experiencing these shipping delays and 2021 has shown us there are no guarantees. So if you've spied something online that you want in time for Christmas, get it now before it's gone! 

steph and crew

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