How To Up Your Smoothie Game

October 06, 2020

How many days and how many smoothies in a week?

Some weeks, to be real, smoothies are more fun to count than the days. And the number of smoothies can always be a happy surprise. 

For many of us, a smoothie for breakfast is a daily yes, especially as the weather warms up. There are also those glorious 2-smoothie days. #whynot (And some diets and nutritionists prescribe 2 for health. #yesplease)

And all these smoothies take preparation, right? That’s why we’ve bundled up to bring you the MontiiCo Bulk Pack, including 3 x MontiiCo Pack & Snack Bag sets. (That's 6 Pack & Snack bags!) 

This is a photo of our three different colour snack bags you can buy in bulk

Choose your colour: rose, slate or clear. Prep on Sunday (a few tips below!), and have smoothies until Saturday. 

Or truly up your game with a Bulk Pack in each colour and you can be set for smoothies for the whole family. (How many smoothies in a month?!)

AND… just before we share a few smoothie tips:


This is a photo of someone holding a clear MontiiCo Snack bag, reaching in and pulling out a strawberry.
  • keep snacks: pretzels, veggies, sweet treats (#organic and #lowsugar, naturally. OR NOT.) They’ll be fresh and ready to throw in school bags without a moment’s thought. 
  • portion out leftovers: perfect size for the handbag and for the little ones 
  • first-aid dailies: fill with essentials like bandaids and Stingoes (and maybe a nail file for Mum) and stash them in places where you’ll find them: schoolbags, the glove box or Dad’s manbag for a pleasant surprise
  • bits n pieces: ever lost for a solution for paper clips, elastic bands, coins for a rainy day? Snack Packs can help!

    For more ideas on how you can use our Snack bags read here.

    This is a photo of a Clear Montiico snack bag inside a first aid box with stingoes gel inside.


Get out the door in three quick steps with healthy brekkie in hand – is there anything more #smoothiegold?

Here’s how:

Step 1: Use your MontiiCo Shopper Bags (Jungle Cats and  Bloom, choose your print) to grab your fave smoothie ingredients.

This is a photo of a lady in the kitchen unpacking her groceries out of a MontiiCo Bloom shopper bag.

Step 2: Prep and store in the freezer (or fridge) in your Pack & Snack Bags.

This is a photo of a MontiiCo white smoothie cup beside a clear snack bag with fruit and spinach in it.

Step 3: Grab out of the freezer, blitz and pop in your MontiiCo Smoothie Cup.

This is a photo of two of Montiico's original size smoothie cups in the colours Eucalyptus and Grey

Voila! You're out the door, everyone sipping happily and nutritiously!


P.S Want to find out about our exciting Smoothie Cup Adventures? Check out our blog post:

The Adventures of MontiiCo Smoothie Cups!

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