Getting to know... GEOFF!

April 28, 2020

It’s crazy to think when this all kicked off it was just me, myself and I. And now? We have a team! Like an actual team of people. I could not be more grateful and I couldn’t imagine running the show with just little ol’ me anymore!

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce the crew. Kicking it off with Geoff (HEFFA), our warehouse fella, lifter of all things heavy and general all-rounder! 

Geoff will be found working with the tunes pumpin’ (always!) and if you follow our IG stories, you’ll know Geoff is always smiling and always cheery - yes even early in the morning! (Loves an early morning - unlike the rest of us!)

Let’s get to know him a little more..


Meet Geoff 

Geoff and Olive Mega MontiiCo Drink Bottle

What do you do at Montii?

I’ve been with Montii for around 18 months now. I’m the dispatch and warehouse guy.

Tell us about your family

I’m married to my high school sweetheart Brooke, we have been together 20 years (Cue - Nawwwww!) We have two sons, Miller who is ten and Parker who is eight. And our dog - Samui!

Geoff and Brooke Sipping on MontiiCo Printed Smoothie Cups from the Rad Range

Tell us an online brand that you love, and why?

YKTR - Lifestyle Clothing Brand. I love how the brand came about and how they have grown. Ice is a bloody champion and always pumps out heaps of great content, always good entertainment and a laugh plus touches base on sports that I am interested in. Plus their clothes are pretty DOOZY too. 

Do you have a celebrity doppelganger? 

Not that I am aware of but I always got made fun of at school that I looked like James Van der Beek from Dawsons Creek, FML. (What do you think guys?!)

What is your spirit animal, and why?

Lion. Symbolizes how I have changed my life for the better. 

What weird food combination do you really enjoy?

I'm a bit of a BBQ sauce nut, so it's on everything. Even things like roast veggies. My mother despises it.

Geoff with Street MontiiCo Bag and Mega Black Drink Bottle

What is the dumbest way you have ever been injured?

We don’t have enough time to go over them all - legit. I regularly put my neck out doing a head check at roundabouts. 

What is your most unusual talent?

I have a great sense of geographical awareness. Take me somewhere once and I’ll l find my way back - guarantee it! 

Do you have any superstitions?

Karma! It’s a *beep*.

If you could jump into a pool full of something, what would it be?

Is it wrong of me to say Canadian Club and Dry?


That’s all folks! Hope that gives a little insight into Geoff, stay tuned for our next instalment of Getting to Know You…

If you have any questions you’d like answered, be sure to let us know!

Also in News

What Coffee Cup is for me…

September 22, 2020

Have you been wondering what’s the right Coffee Cup for you? I’m going to let you in on a little secret - I actually don’t drink coffee! [Mic drop!] BUT I do drink A LOT of tea...  And I also totally get the liquid goodness most people *need* to kick start the day!

So let’s face it keeping your morning brew’ steaming HOT -  it’s important!

If you’re a Mumma you’ve probably experienced making a hot cuppa  - and having it go cold before you reached the bottom #MumLife. We’re here to say NO MORE COLD COFFEE (or tea!).

The next question is obviously, what size is right for me?

Mega Montii Coffee Cup

The big sis’ of our Coffee Cup fam. No need to swipe right, you’re already a perfect match. Coffee or tea, no matter your morning brew, with her double-walled stainless steel, she'll keep your #startyourday tonic hot for hours. Bringing you that warmth and smile that only besties can bring! 

Why do we LOVE?

  • BIG 475ml capacity
  • Fits into your car drink holder (most standard cars)
  • Insulated double wall stainless steel – she’s tough and stays hot
  • 8 Hours HOT
  • Screw on lid, with a flip-top spout that locks tight #nospills in your handbag.

She’s great for:

  • Those who love LOTS of Coffee
  • Long Black
  • Tea
  • Hot water for baby bottles

Shop MontiiCo Mega Coffee Cup!

Regular Montii Coffee Cup

She might be regular in size, but she’s far from ordinary! Keepin' your morning beverage seriously hot (in more ways than one!) Bringing you your morning beverage steaming while you’re on the run.

Why do we LOVE?

  • 350ml capacity
  • Screw-on lid, with a flip-top spout that locks tight #nospills in your handbag
  • Fits into your car drink holder (most standard cars)
  • 8 Hours HOT
  • Screw-on lid, with a flip-top spout that locks tight #nospills in your handbag.

She’s great for:

  • Regular size cappuccino or flat white
  • Hot chocolate
  • Use as a cup only with the lid off
  • Matching with your Mini

Shop MontiiCo Regular Coffee Cup!

Mini Montii Coffee Cup

The cutest little guy in our coffee fam! Making the morning coffee run with Mum #MatchyMatchy, keeping warm on the inside but cool to touch! Babyccino in hand, watch out world here we come!

Why do we LOVE?

  • 150ml capacity
  • 4 Hours WARM
  • Pop on silicone lid, with a tight fit for #easysipping
  • Outside is cool to touch
  • Mix and match your lid and cup colour combo to suit your own style

She’s great for:

  • Babychinos
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Add a mini straw for sippin’ fun
  • Piccolo coffee (Mini Montii isn’t just for the kids!)
  • Matching with Mum (or Dad!)

Shop MontiiCo Mini Coffee Cup!

We’ve got the whole fam’ covered with their morning (or afternoon) brew’ of choice! No matter how you like your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. And if keeping seriously HOT wasn’t enough, she’s stylish and reusable (obviously!) Seriously, I think we’ve ticked ALL the boxes here?

The only choice you have to make now... What colour will you choose?

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Getting to know… Craig!

September 10, 2020

He’s the newest member of the team! The calm amongst the chaos, Craig joined our warehouse team earlier this year after while his job as a restaurant manager was put on hold (thanks COVID) And because we are SO RAD to work with (right?) we convinced him to stay and to join the team in the office to manage our wonderful international distributors along with all of the fun manufacturing logistics.

We’ve introduced him to Insta’ boomerangs and now surprise Craig we’re featuring you on our blog!!

Let’s get to know Craig a little more…

Meet Craig

What do you do at Montii?

I joined the team at Montii back in May this year. I started in the warehouse, picking and packing before moving into the office as Administration / Office Manager in August.

Tell us about your family

I met my wife in London, we were both working and travelling. Being from NZ it wasn’t hard to convince her to come and live with me in Australia! This was now 12 years ago and we’ve just skipped past our 8th wedding anniversary.

We have 3  beautiful children. Alexis is about to turn 7 (OMG), Hugo will be 5 in January and Calvin will be 2 in November. 

(Side note, by “beautiful”, when we asked Craig how his weekend was the other week, he replied “bearable!” so we will take the beautiful with a touch of sarcasm haha!)

What is your coffee order?

Short and strong - Small double shot flat white.

Tell us an online brand that you love, and why?

I don't do a lot of online shopping, I tend to leave that for my wife.

(Don’t worry guys, we will soon show him our way!)

Do you have a celebrity doppelganger? 

Apart from Tom Cruise, Mark Wahlberg, Denzel Washington (in his younger years), not really… 

What is your spirit animal, and why?

I would have to say the dog. I was given my 1st dog for my 10th Birthday. Since then I can’t really remember a time when I didn’t have one by my side. I love their nature, intelligence and just the general way they lighten up everyone's day.

What weird food combination do you really enjoy?

When I was younger, I would smash a banana and sugar sandwich. I’m a pretty plain eater these days. I mean I only had Guzman Gomez for the 1st time a couple of weeks ago…

(See! I told you we would show him our ways! Guzman is a firm fav’ around the office)

What is the dumbest way you have ever been injured?

When I was about 12 or 13, I was skateboarding with a mate to see some girls. We went down this steep hill (he sat down, I stood up). There was a lot of speed and a lot of death wobbles. Needless to say, I ended up in the hospital missing a fair bit of skin from my face and nearly losing sight in one eye. Don’t miss skating at all!

What is your most unusual talent?

Apparently (or so my wife tells me) I’m a pretty good hoarder - especially cardboard boxes. Everyone loves a well-made box, right?

Do you have any superstitions?

No, not really.

If you could jump into a pool full of something, what would it be?

I think anything from beer to bourbon would be good! Or daddy drink as my son likes to call it!

So that’s it, guys! I’m sure we’ll be seeing many more boomerangs, stories and blog features from Craig.

If you have a question you’d love the team to answer - hit us up! Shoot us a DM on Instagram, we’d love to hear *all* the things you would love to know.

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MontiiCo + Kasey Rainbow Collaboration

September 04, 2020

Behind every product is a little story... And the story behind our Wildcats Range is a bit of an exciting one at that! Up until now all of our designs at MontiiCo have been produced in house, but it has been a goal for us in 2020 to collaborate with local artists.

The story begins with a little idea...

I first spied Kasey Rainbow prints on some of my favourite clothing brands such as Little Party Dress and Jericho Road Clothing and I knew Kasey would be the perfect match for Montii! Her bright, fun and unique style was the perfect fit for Montii and I instantly knew we HAD to work with her.

(And before I go on, yes Rainbow is her real last name! And yes, when I read on her about me page she was open to having margaritas, I was even more excited.)

When Kasey said YES! I was thrilled! There may have been a little jumping up and down in the office! (Ok and maybe a little bit of squealing).

Working with Kasey was a breeze! We sent her our concept idea. Without hesitation, she worked her magic and nailed our idea straight away! For anyone who knows me, they’ll know getting ideas out of my own head into someone else's, can be tricky (sorry Kowen! haha!)

Before our eyes came together, our very special Wildcats Range! Which we knew you guys would absolutely LOVE!

Shoot time!

Being local to us here, we invited Kasey along to our photoshoot day in Brisbane! Kasey’s daughter Darcey absolutely stole the show. At age four, Darcey is even following in her Mums footsteps, with her very own brand - Drawn by Darcy!

We also invited some of our favourite Instagram supporters (total influencers!) along for our shoot! We absolutely LOVE these ladies, and the support they give our brand is amazing!

Kellie from @my_shopping_dreams is a long time supporter of small business, lover of all things bright and a breast cancer warrior. I have connected with Kellie through Instagram and I was so stoked to meet her in real life (how good are the IG connections we make!!).

Along with our very own Ness and her twin sister Peta @traineemama! Seriously, how FUN would it be to have an identical twin - besties for life! #FunFact - Kirsty, Peta and I met in an online Mums group nearly SEVEN years ago and this was the first time we actually met Peta in person!! 

AND the wonderful Katy @katypotaty . Katy is hilarious, loves a good craft beer and is a HUGE small biz supporter. Katy was full of confidence and gave us some much-needed posing coaching on the day! An absolute ball of positivity this lady!

If you aren’t following these ladies - seriously do yourself a favour and go and give them a follow and say hey!

Lunch and drinks [may] have been consumed after our shoot - hey we deserve it right?! 

Introducing our WildCats Range!

Shopper Bag Set - Jungle Cats

Turning heads in the streets. With this trio by your side, you’ll be strutting in the aisles like you’re on the fashion runway. Get wild with our wildcat prints!

Not just a regular Shopping Bag! She's got a MontiiCo twist, designed with three #matchymatchy Wildcat prints.


MontiiCo Insulated Lunch Bag - Jungle Cats

Not just regular cats, we’ve added a MontiiCo Jungle twist to make sure they're extra cool. Bringing a real ROAR to lunchtimes in the school playground! Our Jungle Cat print is bright, fun with a touch of #Cheeky. Just like Montii!

MontiiCo Insulated Lunch Bag - Leopard

A unique take on the on-trend leopard print our Leopard print is a lunch bag with style like you’ve never seen before! Plus - why should the kids have all the fun! This is the print I’ve been rocking my work lunch with since the release!

And the best part?

Our Wildcats Range is designed to match!

Match with our existing Bottles, Bumpers and Smoothie Cups for the head-turning lunch!

So, the only question left?

What colour will you choose!

Shop the range!


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