An update from Steph

 Oh hey, we’re still here!

As a small biz’ it’s no secret to say these have been tricky and stressful times we have been navigating the past few weeks. We are so grateful for the support in our loyal Montii crew, amazing stockist and wonderful customers!

We want everyone to know, now more than ever we need that support and that you can still expect the same speedy dispatch and ah-mazing customer service!


Our warehouse is dispatching daily both wholesale and retail orders, don’t think for a second you can slow Geoff down!

We have taken on extra hygiene measures when packing your previous Montii goodies to ensure all safety standards are met. All retail orders are being shipping via Australia Post who have enforced a few changes to protect everyone's wellbeing:

  • Australia Post are now doing contactless delivery (no signature on delivery)
  • Australia Post have removed their Express Post option as they are unable to guarantee delivery timelines.
  • International shipping has been paused for the moment. It will be back as soon as we are confident your parcels will arrive in a timely manner.


Our customer service team is still here to answer any questions, concerns or if you have any issues. The team is working from home, they might have a different backdrop but they're still here and more than happy to help! 

The crew is there 9-2 Monday-Friday, shoot them an email at


Now for the fun stuff! We have a huge range of new release items planned, including new colours, new products and a whole bunch of goodies you are sure to love! Our new arrivals have been delayed (sad face), but you bet we are working as hard as possible to get them here! And they WILL be here!

When they do arrive, man-oh man, will we be excited! Your support will mean the world to us - we could even say, we’d love for you to shout it from the rooftops!!

Because everyone is asking here’s a sneaky peek into the current timeline:

  • Ice Packs - Mid April 
  • Drink Bottles + Coffee Cups - Early May 
  • Smoothie Cups (and a few surprises!) - Mid May
  • Lunch Bags - Late April (1st drop!) and more coming late May.  
  • Lots of other new goodies coming in May that we can’t tell you about just yet! 

So that sums it up from us, we’re still here working hard and we aren’t going anywhere! Please keep on supporting us, if that’s in the way of gifts for later in the year or just showing your love on Instagram (because we all know that’s where we love to hangout!). Honestly, it just means the world to not just me, but the whole Montii team. 

Till next time, 

P.S Want to know more about our shipment adventures? Check out our blog post:

The Adventures of MontiiCo Smoothie Cups!

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