Get to know your new bestie...Insulated Tumblers!

We are always keen to hear what products and designs you guys want from us, and guess what? What our Montii crew wants, the Montii crew gets!

We can't tell you how many requests we've had over the years to make Insulated Wine Tumblers, and the time has finally come! 

Let's dive into the fancy features of our newest Montii product...


cobalt insulated tumbler

Just like with our drink bottles, we know some people prefer to sip rather than tip. There are 3 ways to drink out of our new tumblers - tip without the lid, sip with the included stainless steel straw, or go sans straw and sip through the lid opening. The choice is yours! 

Btw, just like our Smoothie Cup straws, this stainless steel straw has a stopper at the bottom, so it can't fall out or be pulled through the opening in the lid - handy!


 chalk wine tumbler

Whatever the weather! Like all our bottles and cups, these tumblers are double walled which means NO condensation forms on the outside of the bottle. None. Zilch. Nada. No need for a coaster on your desk and no drips on your cute outfit while you're sipping your ice cold bevvy. 


Whether you're bringing your Tumbler along for a picnic or a camping getaway, these Tumblers are perfect for outdoor adventures. Made from stainless steel, they're made to survive knocks and drops. Plus - there's a sliding strip on the lid to keep any unwanted nasties out - like those pesky flies you always seem to find in your vino. 


fizzy water insulated tumbler

And we don't just mean champagne! Boss lady Steph isn't much of a drinker so when we were asked to make tumblers, we weren't too sure how useful they'd be. Before these, Steph's go to would be a cocktail or mocktail in a smoothie cup. 

But then something wonderful happened when Steph discovered a love for fizzy water. In a Smoothie Cup the bubbles would leak - so the Insulated Tumblers had found a use and we got to work creating the perfect design! 

These are the only product in our Montii range that's designed for carbonated drinks which makes them perfect for fizzy water, cider, beer and wines!


Ain't nobody got time for hand-washing! These Tumblers are made with our dishwasher safe paint - pop them in the top shelf for best results. The lid and straw can also be put in the top shelf of the dishwasher.  


tumbler range

If we do say so ourselves! These Insulated Tumblers come in Cobalt, Chalk and Strawberry - let us know if there are any more colours you want to see the Tumblers in!

Happy sipping! 

steph and crew

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